London-based Brazilian artist CAMZ has been stamping her mark in the scene of late. Debuting on the iconic NYC imprint Nervous Records earlier this year, CAMZ was later picked as an artist to watch by Beatport in their Beatportal ‘On Our Radar’ series in October. Gaining support on BBC’s Radio 1, and from industry leaders like Jamie Jones and Nicole Moudaber, the future is looking bright for CAMZ as she continues to spread Brazilian sound and culture through London and beyond. We caught up with CAMZ before her gig at Ministry of Sound to find out more about what she’s been up to…


Hey Camila! How are you doing today and where are you speaking to us from right now? 

Hello DMC peeps! I’m great thank you, how are you? I’m in London right now about to go to the airport. I’m off to Lithuania to play a gig.

Earlier this year you landed your debut release on NYC’s Nervous Records and was quick to gain support on the likes of BBC Radio 1 and more. Congrats on that! What can you tell us about ‘Saudade’ and how has it been to see the support it has gained?

Obrigada! 🙂 ‘Saudade’ is an ode to this beautiful word, and feeling, which is untranslatable to any other language. I wanted to create a track that would resonate to the hearts of all the Brazilians living abroad and to all the people who have visited and love Brazil, and carry a little piece of our country in their hearts. The support has been huge, on the likes of Black Coffee, Jamie Jones, Nicole Moudaber and more. It was really rewarding getting support from all the people who inspire me.

CAMZ - SAUDADE Feat Mestre Barrão


It seems you’ve been turning some heads recently; last month Beatport’s Beatportal picked you out as one of six artists to watch in their ‘On Our Radar’ series, a big look! How does it feel to be selected for something like that? 

Thank you, so happy about it! It feels like I’m moving in the right direction. And hopefully, I will get to collab more with Beatport soon. 

Around the same time, Nicole Moudaber invited you to perform at her ‘In The Mood’ event in London. Can you tell us a bit about the night? 

That night was one for the books. The MOOD was raw, everybody was having the best time, including all of us DJs. People are still talking about it. So grateful for being invited to be a part of this special night by the Queen!

We know the Brazilian sound is core to you as an artist, what kind of vibe did you go for on the night at E1? 

Great question! I started the night with some darker Afro House, I included the Mijangos remix of my track ‘Saudade’, then moved to some breakbeats and overlaid some Brazilian Funk vocals from my previous tracks, and towards the end of my set I evolved to Melodic Techno and dropped Vintage Culture’s ‘Amanha’, which was a huge moment! Regardless of the genre I’m playing, it’s important to highlight my culture, even if that means overlaying some vocals in Portuguese on top of hard beats.

Aside from any of your own, was there a track that you were looking forward to playing the most that night?

Artbat’s remix of Royksopp ‘What Else Is There’. The crowd screamed, put their hands up in the air and vibed. Ida Engberg was already onstage and she was super excited and was singing along. Later, we talked about how Trentemoller’s remix of the same track was such a huge tune when we were raving back in 2004/2005. I still get chills remembering this moment!

Keeping the momentum moving, later this month you’re set to close out the Baby Box at Ministry Of Sound London. This is bound to be a great night. Will this be your MoS debut? 

Yes, super excited! I’m planning to go high energy, high BPM, Terrace vibes. If you’re in London catch me at Ministry Of Sound on Nov 25th!

We’d love to chat a bit about your ‘Sunshine Beatz’ residency on Point Blank Radio which is approaching its two year mark. What can you tell us about the show and what can the listeners expect? 

The show is all about bringing the sunshine to Londoners’ ears and hearts, regardless of the weather outside. My selection ranges from Bossa Nova to Old School Hed Kandi / Ibiza Classics and the freshest Tech House. Always highlighting Brazilian and Latin artists, and music that can uplift people’s spirits.

With an upbeat and positive leaning to your music, we’re interested to hear a bit about your inspirations. Who are the artists that have you inspired and shaped you the most throughout your life? 

I have so many, but I will give 3 examples, that are a bit random, but have changed the course of my life. My favorite band, since I was little has been the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Listening to their music made me want to move to LA, which I did eventually and my time in LA shaped me as a person and as an artist. Also as a child I was obsessed with the Spice Girls and their music gave me the desire to move to London, where I call home now. Around 2010 Hot Creations was all I listened to, and once I was living in London I pursued a job at Hot Creations, which allowed me to puncture my way into the electronic music industry in the UK and Europe. It’s funny to think about it, but the music I listened to guided my life, and if I had a different musical taste my life would have been completely different.

A pleasure to chat with you today Camila! Wishing all the best and excited to hear what’s next for you. To round things off, is there anything else upcoming that you’d like to share with us?

The pleasure is all mine, thanks for having me! I just had a few studio sessions and finished 2 fire tracks, hoping to get these out soon. Also, I’m off to spend some time in Brazil, so keep an eye on my socials (@camz_music) as I plan to start sharing some curiosities about my country and the Brazilian culture and music on my channels. Beijos…tchau! 

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