Common Saints

DMCWORLD checks in with the fascinating Charlie J Perry about his new alter-ego. With production credits for the likes of BTS, Jorja Smith and Maverick Sabre, he is now delving into Common Saints; a passion project consisting of soulful song-writing, incredible instrumental work, stunning vocals and smooth-as-you-like production – with some of the best guitar you will have heard in a long time…

For our DMCWORLD readers who may be newcomers to your music, please tell us who is Common Saints…

Common Saints is a studio concept project that I made with sounds that are inspired and guided by the golden age of music (1960-1985).  It is a future collaborative project and will be featuring a diverse array of musicians and artists from across the world.

In 3 words, please describe your sound.

Psychedelic Soul / Funk.

What inspired you to start this project?

I feel a real connection with that era, and the psychedelic side of life, art, music etc. I wanted to create something that takes you on a trip, holds your hand loosely and lets you walk off inside your own mind to look around. Something that changes the scenery around you and paints time in a utopian technicolour. This is a project where I let loose. So many more ear movies and sounds to come, literally can’t wait to put them out into the world!

Can you tell us about your past work in music?

I’ve been very fortunate to have worked with who I would consider some of the best vocalists in the world today, Jorja Smith, Maverick Sabre, Samm Henshaw. Did a co-prod / co-write on a Chronixx tune with Mav which was crazy, both inspirational people and minds. Also did a track for BTS (Singularity) which has become a real mover, just overwhelmed with the reception. It’s weird going from a small attic room in your parents’ house to seeing your creations enjoyed across the world by millions of people. 

Your new single ‘Idol Eyes’ is out on the 26th, why did you decide to choose this as the track that will launch the campaign?

Idol Eyes was one of the first tracks that solidified the Common Saints project for me. It’s all about unity and togetherness, focusing on a common theme throughout humanity. It’s featured at the beginning of the “Teenage Fantasy” video by Jorja Smith as a kinda “easter egg”. We are all close collaborators, music and video so it was a natural vibe to include.

Can you tell people some details about your EP coming out in future?

So Idol Eyes EP will have 5 tracks on it, 2 singles will be dropped before the whole thing drops in October. There’s an array of vocal and instrumental tracks on there that should give you an idea of what’s to come in the future as well. We also pressed a load of vinyl for those who want that ultimate HD quality, and something to hold on to. LONG LIVE VINYL!

How far do you want to take this? Will people be able to see you play live in future?

This is a continuous project that follows my life and journey through sound, I already have an album brewing and always creating new vibes.  Playing live will definitely be something we will visit in the future when the climate is right. It’s cool ‘cos we get to assemble a band for that – it’s kinda like the avengers xD.

Common Saints – Idol Eyes (single) is out 26/06/2020, full EP out 30/10/2020. Released via Starsonics