To celebrate their 200th release on the label, Colorize unveil Colorscapes Volume One. The first in an annual series of exciting compilations, this is a landmark release for the label who recruits leading artists Matt Fax and Dezza for two thrilling mixes that feature 36 exclusive tracks showcasing the most exciting acts in Progressive, Deep and Melodic House. DMCWORLD dives in with the guys themselves…

Dezza and Matt Fax, a big welcome to DMC World – where in the world are you both right now?

Dezza: I am currently on a plane flying from London to Vancouver. I just played along with Matt at the Colorscapes Vol One launch party in London and I’m off to Vancouver to do a warm up set for Tritonal!

Matt Fax: Thanks for having us. I’m currently at home, in Northern West France, just came back from the UK. 

Alongside your own releases on Colorize, you were recently asked to mix the first ever annual Colorize compilation – ‘Colorscapes Vol. 1’. Can you tell us more about the mix and talk about some of your favourite records on the compilation.

Dezza: The compilation was a huge undertaking. The label had a great vision for the compilation including having all new and unreleased material. We spent months going through so many great demos for it.  It’s hard to choose favourites, I love them all and that’s why they are on the comp.

Matt Fax: The mix compilation has been discussed around March, when I was heading to Japan for a tour. Me and Dezza been asked to reach some of our favorite artists and friends to send out some stuff for this compilation. We did a bit of A&R together with the label and it has been a great experience. My favorite tracks of the compilation would be PRAANA – Perception & André Sobota – Layers from my mix, and Mike Rish – Dopel & Anden – Mirage from Dezza’s mix.

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How would you describe the compilation to somebody who hasn’t heard it yet (using 3 words).

Dezza: Melodic, Journey, Different

Matt Fax: Deep, progressive, going-to-take-you-on-a-journey (yes that counts as a word).

Talk us through your journey with Colorize – how did you both become affiliated with the label?

Dezza: I am proud to say I was one of the first artists to release on the label back in 2011. It’s been a fantastic 8 years since then and look forward to all of the exciting plans for the future

Matt Fax: I’ve been on the label since 2013. I’ve been asked by a friend of mine to do a Remix of one of his tracks on Colorize the year before, but it did not happen for some reasons. I’ve kept in touch with Enhanced and sent them some tracks, which they liked, and that’s how it started. It has been 7 amazing years so far.

You both recently played at the Colorscapes London launch party – how was the crowd?

Dezza: Colorize parties always have such a well educated and appreciative crowd. Really looking forward to doing more Colorscapes shows around the world with MF.

Matt Fax: The crowd was fantastic, very responsive and open minded in terms of music. I also played some new music, including one I’ve finished a few hours before heading to the club, that was so exciting. The most amazing moment was during our All Stars B2B with every artist playing that night, we played every kind of Progressive music, some more trancy, some more dark, and the crowd loved it.

It’s exciting to see that Colorize will be hosting a showcase at ADE this year. Tell us what people can expect from that.

Dezza: It’s going to be the best b2b2b2b2b2b2b2b set ever! 

So many great artists from three of the leading labels in progressive music.

Matt Fax: Expect the unexpected, it’s going to be a party you’ll remember. There will be some interesting B2B

Outside of the label, what DJs and producers have you got your eyes on right now?

Dezza: I’m currently enjoying music from artists like Luttrell, Mike Rish, Murtagh, Farius, Rodg, All Living Things, Bryn Leidl, Enamour, I could make this list go on forever.

Matt Fax: I’m loving the latest outputs by Anjunadeep and FSOE UV, as well as Balkan Connection. My friends Rodg and Estiva are releasing some fire at the moment, Steven’s album ‘Metamorphoses’ is by far my favorite record of 2019.

What is next for you both in terms of releases and live dates?

Dezza: release wise, I am looking forward to releasing some amazing remixes from my ‘Cosmos’ album which was released earlier in the year. I have been road testing those and some other unreleased material during sets and the reactions have been excellent!

Matt Fax: I’ll be debuting in the USA in the next coming months, but also going to do more gigs in Europe as well. I’m also going to release some tracks I’ve been road testing for some months now, including the ones on the Colorscapes compilation.

In your opinion, what is the best electronic record of all time? (excluding your own music)

Dezza: Orbital – Halcyon

Matt Fax: I think it’d be deadmau5 – Strobe. This track changed so much things in electronic music and progressive music, and it’s a timeless one.

Finally, what is your biggest achievement to date and most challenging goal set for the future?

Dezza: Releasing my 19 track album “Cosmos” earlier this year!

Matt Fax: Biggest achievement – being a thing in the Progressive scene. Future goal set – keep being a thing in the Progressive scene. Also I would like to be a better human.