DJ TOPIC – On his way to the World’s in San Francisco…

DJ TOPIC (France) vs ERICK JAY (Brazil): 2022 DMC Technics Battle For World Supremacy: Final Round

DMC grabs a world exclusive with DJ TOPIC – the 2022 Battle For World Supremacy Champion who is on his way to San Francisco to defend his title on November 3rd. Can France pick up yet another trophy at the most prestigious DJ battle on the planet?


Interview by Dan Prince

Julien – a huge welcome to DMCWORLD… where in the world are you right now?

“Hey Dan, hey DMC! I am currently at home practicing to defend my title in San Francisco on Friday November 3rd!

How many hours a day are you in practice mode?

Ha! As soon as I have my coffee and orange juice, I hit the decks. It has been the same way for 20 years, as soon as I have my breakfast I am in the zone.

Why is the Technics DMC competition still regarded as the No.1 in the world that everybody wants to win?

DMC has 38 years of incredible heritage – look at the champions you have created! DMC is the reference to all turntablists, end of story. DMC represents the best DJs in the world and everyone dreams of winning the famous DMC Champions Jacket!

Can you recall your first ever battle?

Yes of course. It was a local battle around 2003 – DJ Nelson also participated I seem to recall. And yes, thankfully I won.

Pic by Eric DESCOUTS

Who are the 3 biggest turntablist influences of all time for you?

This is easy. Craze – for me the best DJ of all time. There is nothing else to say, he is the boss.

My fellow countryman Netik for his technical ability and overall skills.

And also ie.Merg… I just love his style and confidence.

Are you ready to defend? You could be the first DJ to successfully defend a DMC Battle For World Supremacy title since Mr Switch in 2010…

I am so ready. I am focused, I am deep in concentration… Dan, I think of nothing else. Ask my girlfriend, it is driving her crazy!!!

What are you most looking forward to about San Francisco?

Ahh man this adventure is special for so many reasons. It is my first ever trip to the U.S. which makes me very happy. I am defending my title which is going to be a real thrill. And get this – Friday November 3rd is also my birthday! An amazing coincidence, it is written in the stars!

What advice can you offer to any young DJs wanting to follow in your footsteps?

Be open to all new technologies out there. It is so important for the new generation to be open minded and embrace everything around them. It is a different world these days.

What has been your best ever battle experience?

Last year of course, winning the 2022 Technics DMC Battle For World Supremacy!

And the toughest?

Against Vekked in 2012. Such a touch competitor.

This year we celebrate 50 years of Hip Hop. How important/relevant is Hip Hop in your life today?

It is still very important after all these years, in many aspects of my life. Not only from a musical point of view and the movement itself, also the state of mind.


The Technics DMC World DJ Championships take place at The Midway, San Francisco on Friday November 3rd.

Early bird tickets available now…