“Not everyone understands House Music”, but if there is one man who certainly does, it’s the legendary Eddie Amador who coined that phrase on his anthem ‘House Music’ release back in the day. Fast forward to current dance music shenanigans and Eddie is busier than ever on the production front and is launching his new record label, NuSoul Records. DMC Checks in for a natter to find out more…

A huge welcome back to DMCWORLD Eddie, for those of our readers that might not know you, please tell us a bit about yourself…

Awww.. man, I am not great at talking about myself.  Let’s see… I am from Los Angeles and a real soulful nerd at heart. That is how I fell into house music in 1988. Before that I was studying advanced mathematics and aerospace science at university and DJing at Hip Hop parties. Most people know me for producing the now classic House anthem ‘House Music’ back in 88 with the famous lyrics “Not everyone understands House Music, it’s a spiritual thing, A body thing, a soul thing.“  Since then I have produced and remixed a lot of music and toured the world DJing. I have just launched my own label NuSoul Records.

What is the best piece of new music you have heard recently?

The Sunburst Band – New York City Woman – Groove Culture

Which came first for you, Djing or producing and what turned you on to House Music?

DJing has always been first. For me personally, you must KNOW the music and respect the people before you can truly create it.  As a DJ, at first I was playing Hip Hop and even won some DJ battles and awards. However, one night after playing a back yard party, my hairdresser invited me to an after hours and that was the first time I felt house, I had never heard such a constant beat and seen so many beautiful people dancing with no drama. Plus the party did not end unit 8 am and there was no violence like I was becoming exposed too on the Hip Hop scene. I immediately changed my style to House, graduated from university, turned down a lucrative engineering job offer, bought a vespa, rented a warehouse and decided I would become a house music DJ. The rest is history.

Your brilliant new release with Coco Street, ‘When I First Felt House’, has just been released, what can you tell us about the single?

It is an authentic modern house music creation with a classic flavour as both myself and Coco have lived the lifestyle. It carries a deep and soulful groove and Coco delivers a brilliant spoken word about that moment when you discover House Music for the first time. I am very thankful as it’s receiving some fantastic support around the globe. 

How did the collaboration come about and what was Coco like to work with?

Coco was and is a blessing. We are both known as being from Los Angeles with a rich musical history. We actually met through DJ MicFreak who is an East Coast colleague of DJ Spen’s and decided to work together. Coco is amazing and you will be hearing a lot more from her.

The single release hails the launch of your brand new label, NuSoul Records, what can we expect to hear and how do you see things moving musically for the label in the future?

There will be more releases from myself and Coco, but I’m also looking to develop a team of forward thinking artists from around the globe that are interested in feeding the spirit and soul of mankind using the tools of electronic music and human voices – no boundaries, but with a soulful edge to the music.

You’ve got lots of projects on the go at the moment, including your new remix for Jason DeRoche ‘Always Gonna Be’ on Deeplife Records. What can you tell us about that?

Oh, Jason, man he made this track on Deeplife that I could definitely believe in. As a DJ I could envisage an adjustment (remix) working for the crowd. Interestingly enough, I felt inspiration from the Frankie Knuckles and Robert Owens classic “I’ll Be Your Friend”, which has a similar song sentiment.

What other projects have you got in the pipeline? Although this is a crazy and bad time for the world, it is up to us musicians to give hope to the world I am working on music full time. Things adjust daily, but my mandate is to keep creating meaningful House Music with hopes of seeing us all together again at clubs and festivals soon. 
What part of your job do you enjoy the most, producing or Djing and why?

I equally love doing both as they each offer different experiences and creative outlets in their own way.

What’s the secret to sustaining such a long career in the music industry and what keeps you motivated?

Making music and DJing must come from your heart and you must have a lot of faith to overcome the many obstacles that will be in front of you. You need to be willing to go through rejection and truly believe you are giving something unique and good for the world. You must be happy living “broke” at times, but then living “rich”. Normal people do not see and understand what we do, but we are not “normal” we are artists. Have passion and sleep well at night knowing you are doing what you were made to do! Success will follow, just stay on the course.

How does the house scene today compare to back in the day?

The house scene is a loving mother, she will be there, thank God! The house scene over the years often gets mutated into various fads and different styles and people jump on trends and that is all OK.  However, for House, it is simply a growing pain. .What can we expect to hear from a typical Eddie Amador set? I am a House Music guy through and through. The sound really depends on the venue where I’m playing to be honest, but I will always take you on a meaningful and exciting journey.

What record makes you say ‘damn, I wish I made that’?

John Coltrane – Love Supreme – It’s amazing

What are your 3 current top tunes?

When I First Felt House – Eddie Amador and Coco Street – NuSoul RecordsShout it out – Eddie Amador – UnquantizeGehts Nocht – Roman Flugel –  Eddie’s 2020 edit

What has been your experience with the whole Coronavirus outbreak and has it effected your work in any way?

This whole virus situation is terrible. I have just been staying in studio and use my time wisely to create new music, as like many, I have not been able to go out touring. 

Eddie Amador & Coco Street ‘When I First Felt House’ is out now on NuSoul Records