Fur Coat

Sergio Muñoz, AKA Fur Coat made a welcome return to Renaissance Records earlier this November with his latest EP, titled Dystopia (out now: https://lnk.to/REN21020D). The EP adds to what has already been a brilliant year of output from the Venezuelan that has seen him appear on the likes of Systematic Recordings and ATLANT, as well as on his own label Oddity Records that continues to strengthen its place as a frontrunner in the melodic house and techno scene.

Following the release of the Dystopia EP on Renaissance, we caught up with Sergio chat through the release and more..


Hello Sergio, it’s a pleasure to have you with us today following the release of your Dystopia EP on Renaissance. It’s another super release and shows once again how good the pairing of Fur Coat and Renaissance is. What can you tell us about this latest EP?

First of all, thanks for the invitation to the interview. I’m very happy to release this new EP on Renaissance, which has become a very close partner and team since releasing my album last year. I think my sound really fits into their sound as a label, and “Dystopia” I think it’s the perfect example. This is an EP with an original lead track, on the more melodic grounds, followed by a more indie dance remix and closing with an electronica melodic breaks track.

It follows on from ‘The Storm’ EP earlier this year on Renaissance that featured remixes from your ‘Polyphony’ album from the previous year. With these releases, there’s evidently a strong relationship between yourself and the label, what’s it like working with Renaissance? 

Yes, we have a very strong relationship. Since making the album, there has been constant communication, so I always send them the music that might fit their sound. After the album, we decided to include “The Mist” in the Storm EP, which complemented the pack really well and people really liked it. So when I had this new EP, I instantly knew this was going to be their cup of tea.

We’d love to touch on the EP’s remix too, courtesy of Italian artists Musumeci & Dodi Palese who did a great job on their take of the title track. What can you tell us about their remix? 

Well, that’s another strong match we have when deciding remixers for my album and EP’s. When we started brainstorming on what could work to give another touch to the originals, we came to the idea of reaching out to Musumeci & Dodi Palese who Marcus was already in touch with, and I had also crossed paths with Musumeci several times. When the guys heard the original, they really liked the lead synth, so they were instantly in for the remix, and they delivered this amazing rework with that Indie Dance touch.

2021 has been another strong year for your label, Oddity Records, having welcomed the likes of Julian Wassermann, Raphael Mader, Heîk and many more, as well as an EP from yourself. With the year being perhaps the label’s strongest yet, this shows Oddity is continuing to strengthen its position in the scene. How has the year been from your perspective?

Yes, it has been a very strong year for the label. I havent stopped working on signing, even in the middle of the pandemic. There was so much music I liked and talented artists that fitted what I had in mind for the next releases, that everything came along pretty easy. Each day more people are supporting Oddity, and I was very happy to see it in Beatportal as one the best selling labels of melodic house and techno.

Are there any plans in place for the next Odd Echoes VA?

Yes, a very special one coming out in December. It will be the release to close the year. A lot of new names and friends that I wanted to have on board the label.

The pandemic was an incredibly tough time across the scene, but it is very pleasing to see the return of events across the world gradually. How did it feel to return to gigs after their absence?

Wow, yes it was a super rough year and a half to be honest. Thankfully I focused myself on producing and improving all my techniques. It definitely felt like being alive again on the first gig and when things started reopening after that never ending nightmare. Finally things are looking better, and I hope that soon the whole pandemic is over and just a bad dream from the past.

What do you have coming up gig wise? 

I’ve been playing around Europe, and I’ll be going back to the US. I already had a three week tour in September, and will be going again the first two weeks of December. Plus lots of plans around America and Europe for next year.

A pleasure to chat with you today Sergio! Congrats the release and wishing all the best to you going forwards. To round off, is there anything else upcoming that you’d like to share with us?

Thanks again for having me, and yes expect some remixes from me this year, a collab on the next Odd Echoes and already some EPs and more remixes arranged for 2022.