It’s always a pleasure to catch up with our favourite ball of energy Darren Emerson and he’s just launched his new mix compilation series called ‘Evolve’… DMCWorld checked in for a natter to find out more…

A warm welcome back to DMCWORLD Mr Emerson, where on planet earth are you today?
Hello DMCWORLD !! I am just at home in studio going through old ideas. I put down ideas usually late at night then forget about them. I do it all the time. I get bored and tend to move on to a new track. Sometimes it’s a nice surprise to discover them, then other times I see why I moved on.
What is the best piece of new music you have heard recently?
One of my ideas I listened to earlier in the studio!
You’ve just been on tour in the US with Dave Seaman and Danny Howells, aka 3D, last month, how was it?
Yeah, it was great. All the tours we have been on whether it was a US or S America trip have all been outstanding. Always a great laugh with the lads!
How does it compare playing as a tag team to playing solo gigs?
We usually play 3 tracks each, so we don’t wait around for too long. It keeps you on your toes more when doing the 3D shows as you have to make sure it flows well, but not knowing the track you follow into. Of course being on your own you can go anywhere you want without thinking about the other guy’s music.
You’re about to unleash your brand new mix compilation series ‘Evolve’, please tell us about the concept and what we can expect to hear?
I wanted the first edition of ‘Evolve’ to highlight my evolution as an artist, so it includes bits that I’ve done a few years ago and some stuff that’s come out recently, plus some brand new exclusives. Naturally as things change in our life we are EVOLVING, so this project will represent my journey as an artist and a label owner. There are also some gems from artists from Detone featured in the mix such as Saytek’s Marimba (live), Hansgod ‘Scale’, John Tejada ‘Shapeshifter’, Linea B ‘Catching Comets’ and many more.
Amidst a singles driven market what fuelled the decision to go down the mix compilation route?
Of course we do the singles on Detone too.. I just thought it would be good to put out a comp that covers some cool tracks that got overlooked and showcase the new in one mix.
The album also features 2 brand new exclusives that are coming out as single releases in the new year, how are they sounding?
Yeah! They are sounding great out thanks… ‘Scratcher’ and ‘STOP IT’ – 2 big Tech bangers! Coxy has been road testing them out with great results.
How’s your Detone label going and what have been your highlight releases this year?
Very well thanks.. We have a great little family.. We have released some amazing music in 2018, most notably Saytek’s ‘Live Stories’ album. The way he put it together was amazing, we are lucky to have him as one of our artists. So much love for that album to be honest. The other highlight was releasing my new quarterly compilation album “Evolve”! Again, we had a wicked response from all about this release and I am already looking forward to putting together the next one,
And who have you got lined up already for 2019 that you can tell us about?
I’m really excited about 2019, we have a great little family of artists at Detone and have just added some really good talent to our programme for the next year! Artists like Linear B, Tactik, Yoikol, Marco Piangiamore & Eric Sneo, plus,new materiel from our usual crew of Satoshi Fumi, Hansgod and myself. Our next release is one we have been sitting on for a while now and its my “Stop It” E.P. this will be available on the 18th January.
A birdy tells us you’ve got some exciting collaborations coming up in 2019, what can you tell us there?
Yeah, there’s a few things in the collaboration pipeline.  Another collaboration with John Digweed & Nick Muir is being talked about. Another with Darius Syrossian. I’ve also been talking to Neil from Leftfield about making some music.
You’ve also got another music project on the go, ‘White Lamp’, what’s that all about then?
We’ve been doing The White Lamp for quite a few years now. Our 1st live show was a few years ago at Glastonbury and we’ll be looking at going live again for a few shows this year.  We have our next single ‘Harmony’ coming out around Spring on our own label. I’ve been sitting on this release for a long time, so can’t wait to get working on the WL project again.
What’s been your highlight gig of 2018 and where are you most looking forward to playing in 2019?
There have been quite a few, but I really enjoyed playing at Ballinlough Castle with Carl Cox. Also some of our 3D shows we’re amazing – Argentina – The Bow in Buenos Aires and Hard Pop in Juarez. Looking forward to some festivals that we have lined up, but can’t say anything yet!
You’ve been a huge player on the scene for a long time, and things have changed a great deal since you first started out with Underworld. What have been the challenges in maintaining a music career for so long and what in your opinion needs to change in the industry for the better now?
One of the main things that has changed and can be a challenge is the digital world and how everyone promotes themselves using the different platforms out there. You have to be posting on all the sites with everyone else which can be a proper job in itself sometimes. It seems there are so many things you have to do to keep yourself afloat. Before the digital world we could get in the studio and just concentrate on making our music. Platforms like YouTube. I miss some aspects on playing with vinyl, but don’t miss the travelling with the heavy record boxes. Using a USB stick is a lot easier so it has it’s ups. You have to release tracks on a regular basis as it’s like a business card these days. So having Detone is a good way to get music out. In the past, you would gig to promote selling records. Now you put records out to make your money through gigs.
We come to raid your record collection, which embarrassing record do you chuck out the window before we arrive?
Merry Christmas Everybody – Slade
What record makes you say ‘damn’ I wish I made that’?
Merry Christmas Everybody – Slade
Which producers are currently smashing it for you?
Saytek, Kevin Yost, Ross From Friends, L.B. Dub Corp, James Welsh, Sei A, John Tejada, Linear B, Citizenn, Dionigi, Martin Buttrich, Martin Buttrich, Davide Squillace, Deetron and Ejeca.
Darren Emerson ‘Evolve’ compilation is out now and ’Stop It’ / ’Scratcher’ will be released on January 14th on Detone Records