Azerbaijani-born Fats is the British rapper and songwriter in the middle of the biggest summer of his life. DMCWORLD grabs a world exclusive as he releases new single ‘Diamond Eyes’…


Interview by Dan Prince

Fats a huge welcome to DMCWORLD…where in the world are you today?

Thank you guys, pleasure to be here. Currently I’m chilling in the South Coast of the UK, just on the outskirts of Southampton.

What is the best piece of new music you have heard in the last seven days?

Honestly my music taste is schizophrenic, it changes mood daily! Is it vain to say one of my own songs? I’m working on a summer drum and bass anthem and it’s stuck in my own head! So I can’t wait to share it with you!

Azerbaijani born – but now living in the UK. Tell us about the journey from your home country to British shores…

There’s many ways I could answer this question, but the nicest version is that I was lucky to be adopted by a great man who took me in as his own and gave me an amazing opportunity to really live out my destiny.

What is your earliest memory of music growing up?

Ha ha! Well when I was a child my mum loved Abba and Queen! So I’m guilty of singing along if their songs ever get played!

Early musical inspirations?

When I was a lot younger, I was really into rock music, AC/DC , Iron Maiden to name a few. That’s when I was learning to play the guitar, being my real first musical inspiration. As I hit my teenage years it was the early American Rap / Grime and Drum and Bass that really changed my taste in music and would subconsciously lead me to where I am now.

At what age did a career in music start to form in your mind, what were the first steps?

In terms of a genuine career, it would have to be the past two years, as I’ve matured and learned how much there is to really do to accomplish this goal. Although I did study music production when I was 17 at college, so somewhere around then I knew this was the path I wanted to take.

What did your family think of your life plan?

I’m grateful to have a family that supports me in everything that I do. I know most parents panic and prefer them to seek a “conventional” career, but I’m thankful that I don’t have that pressure from my family.

Tell us about your song-writing process, some people can write lyrics in minutes, some dream them up in their sleep. Some struggle for weeks. How do you write your songs?

I think the best songs are written there and then in the moment. If I have to take weeks to write something then I feel like it’s forced. Writers block is real! But that’s just a sign to go out there and experience more! If you do the same thing everyday it will be hard to talk about something different! Go out, try something new, explore! P.s the shower is a great place for writing lyrics.

‘Diamond Eyes’ has just dropped. Talk us through the track…

What an absolute memory that will be for me, regardless of the songs success, it was when me and Manchester’s finest JM solidified ourselves as brothers. Hardly known or met each other we collaborated on this song and flew out to Spain to film the visuals and rest is history. The song embodies that summer feeling of going abroad and just letting your hair down. Good friends , sun , vibes and humour! Ideal for the hot weather.

You are known for your humour and your cool witty lines – you are a breath of fresh air in a world of aggression and boasting. Why is keeping it humorous important to you?

I think it’s important to showcase my personality as much as I can, I’d feel disingenuous to portray the character of someone that isn’t me. Plus I’d much rather wear a smile than a frown!

You have pretty eclectic tastes – drum n bass merges into house which merges into rap. That’s pretty rare for a rapper – what’s your take on that?

I contribute this to my upbringing, being surrounded by many different cultures, travelling and being accustomed to variety. I could shell down a Jazz track if I really wanted to. I used to be more hip/hop and Rap dominated, but there’s something about making a live audience really move through dance music is why I’ve chosen to stick with House and Drum and Bass.

‘Party Anthem’ and ‘Mad One’ were the predecessors to ‘Diamond Eyes’… you happy with the journey so far?

I believe the journey is never ending, as the destination is never quite as exciting as you’d hope! I’ve Definitely made a strong start and will be interested to look back throughout the journey in a few years time. Music is forever evolving and changing, I’d be curious to see how I feel about my early singles in the time to come!

What is coming out from you next studio wise…

@mynamesfats is my Instagram (shameless plug) – you’ll have to follow me and find out!

But I will say, as my first three singles were house / Bassline, it’s time to release the drum and bass! My new single “We Don’t Go Home” is just around the corner! I managed to team up with local skate brands in my area and bring the community together for a real fun video!

You are in the car and a certain music genre or song comes on that you immediately turn off. What is it?

Anything heavy metal with screaming in it. Sorry, no thanks.

The Central Cee and Dave collaboration has been the talk of the summer. Who would you dream collab be with and why?

Again a question with many answers! I’ll break it down in three categories.

As a rapper, I’d want to collaborate with Chipmunk or Ghetts, as they were one of my early UK rap influences, and my inner child would feel complete.

As an Artist, I would love to collaborate with Ed Sheeran, to paint a real meaningful picture and to explore my dynamics as an artist.

With Production, I’d love to work with Chase and Status, just because we’d make an absolute naughty banger.

You love your photography and also videography. Do you have any ambitions to expand this talent of yours?

I’ve had a career as a videographer, heavily focused on music videos, I still film and edit some of my videos so the skill is not wasted! Long term future I would love to direct and also star in films.

Best piece of advice you have ever been given?

Do not mourn for the past, nor anticipate the future, but live in the present, earnestly and wisely.

Okay let’s dig a little deeper….

Best film you’ve ever seen?

Finding Nemo. That film’s gangster.

A song you wish you’d have written?

Although I’m my own man, and I write my own material, Shaggy – Wasn’t me. What a tune that was.

A book you wish you’d have written?

A Book on my father’s life.

A woman you dream of dating…?

You’re trying to put me in the dog house!

The most embarrassing record in your collection?

Not sure I can divulge this info not even for banter 😂.

Your best friend in the world…

I don’t believe in  best friends But I’m grateful to have a strong  network of loved ones and friends around me whom I call my family.

And finally – what is the game-plan for 24 and 25? Where do you want to be rolling in 24 months’ time?

To continue to Organically Build my fan base, becoming an undeniable artist of my time and to embark on my debut tour. Hit the milestone of a million views on you tube and continue releasing great music and songs which will help me travel abroad to perform is my pattern for the foreseeable future.