K-X-P – III Part II – (Öm / Svart)

It is getting a bit confusing keeping track of the K-X-P album titles at the moment, but it’s fair to say that on ‘III Part II’ the Finnish band have made one of their best offerings yet. This is dark, percussive music of great tension, powered by an inner engine – basically the rhythm section – that keeps the tension white hot and the bass lean. The drum beats are fully loaded, and can be worked to thrilling effect on tracks like ‘To Believe’ or the single ‘Freeway’, a real moody winner. The low slung grooves are powerful throughout, and benefit from maximum volume and incredible punch to what sounds like multi-layered drum kits. The band are also weirdly experimental around the edges, such as in the dislocated voices and stretched timpani that open ‘Siren’ – a classic piece of soundtrack music in the waiting. As they did for ‘III Part I’ the band relocated to Suomenlinna, an island off Helsinki, and the isolation appears to work wonders for their ability to make lasting and powerful music. Here it sounds like it comes right from their bones.

4 out of 5

Reviewed by Ben Hogwood