Jack Swoon

After ten years in the industry Jack Swoon has finally decided to step out from behind the curtain to bring his sound to the dance music forefront. After releasing a handful of records, tastemaker Pete Tong quickly championed the raw UK talent and has been riding uphill since then. The underground house DJ talent chats to us about his new single ‘Come Over’, the ethos behind his new label Viberoom Records and lots more.

Jack Swoon - Come Over [OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO]


Welcome to DMC World, Jack Swoon, where are you joining us from today?

I’m currently in the US working on new music.

As a producer and DJ, what inspires you?

I take inspiration from everything. Life events, objects, landscape views, other music, the news, my current mindset… literally everything. It’s best to be open like that, it allows a free flow for the production process.

You just released your new single ‘Come Over. Tell us about how the track came together?

I actually made this track 3 years ago. It’s been sitting on my hard drive for the longest time because I had planned on changing the vocal sample, I had studio sessions with vocalists in London and the US and after the longest time I realised the vocal I had was actually perfect for the track. When I tried to change it, it lost something. To be honest it should have been clear after I had a few of the bigger dance labels wanting to sign it early on. But clearly I was oblivious.

How was the feeling to have a dance legend like Pete Tong support your music? Can you recall the moment when you first heard about it?

Pete has actually been an integral part of my journey. He discovered my first single ‘Somebody’ and signed it. That led to two more releases with him and TSZR. I think if you’re into dance music from a young age then Pete Tong is probably one of your idols. He was definitely mine and I always used to record his essential mix and listen to it at school through out the week. I remember we had a Zoom meeting for the first time and he was talking to me, I’m not sure what he was saying because I zoned out and started thinking to myself “Woah! You’re talking to Pete Tong!”. I had to gather my thoughts quickly because the young kid in me had taken over. But to answer the question it’s an unbelievable feeling to have Pete Tong support my music. Dream come true type stuff.

The track is releasing on your new label imprint Viberoom Records, can you tell us more why you launched the record label?

The label is something I’ve always wanted to do, it just came about much faster than I expected. My genre of music is very unique. A lot of labels today don’t really cater for it, so I feel like I’ve identified a gap in the market. My purpose now is to fill that gap not only with my own music but the music of other producers who feel the same way. There is so much talent out there. My goal is to build a community that creates its own lane and almost its own genre. It’s all about the vibes! 

Are you looking to play out any of your new tunes live anytime soon?

I’m actually looking to create a few Viberoom pop up shows in the US. These will be small venues but I want to create an immersive experience again focused on the vibe. It won’t be about a stage, big visuals, dancers, flames and CO2… that’s been done. I want to strip it back, I want it to be about the social aspect, I want the music to bring you into the moment, I want cocktails that light up your taste buds, I want venues that are quirky and unique to themselves, I want community and togetherness. That’s the focus and the goal right now. These will probably be announced on the Discord page so make sure you’re involved.

Are there any producers that you’re particularly inspired by at the moment?

Absolutely! DJ Counselling, Bad Tuner, salute, 1tbsp, Emmit Fenn, Mild Minds, Vesin, Veggi, Hank Lotion, Mafro, Model Man, Matvei, Warner Case… I could go on for a while. There’s so much talent out there and like I said above I’m inspired by everything.

What else can we expect in the coming months for Jack Swoon?

More releases on the label. Now that I have full control of that expect regular releases, that really excites me. Also the pop ups are in the works! Keep an eye out for that. Best way to stay up to date with everything is in the Discord.

Lastly, what are the big 5 tunes you can share with our readers for this weekend…

Well obviously my new track ‘Come Over’ would be No.1 on the list… but if we had to exclude that then I would say;

  1. Disco Lines – Baby Girl
  2. Bad tuner ft. Sebastian Adé – Loverboi
  3. Night Tales – Only If
  4. Emmit Fenn – Control
  5. Hank Lotion – Done With U