James Bluck

DJ & Producer James Bluck has spent over a decade performing across the UK, Europe and Middle East. Recognised for remixing tracks for the likes of Disciples, Blinkie, Fleur East, Max George, JustUs and Alex Adair, James has gained strong support from the UK’s leading Radio Stations such as Kiss FM, Capital and BBC Radio 1. Following this, James Bluck’s remixes have been supported by A List DJs across the world including Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Yves V, EDX, Lucas & Steve, Blasterjaxx and W&W whilst his DJing has seen him smashing dancefloors at the likes of Ministry of Sound, Fabric and XOYO. DMCWORLD catches up with James after the release of his new tune ‘Leave (Get Out)’ and to discover what’s next on the horizon for this very exciting producer…


Hey James, thanks for your time today. You recently dropped your single ’Leave (Get Out)’. How are you feeling about the response?

I feel like the response has been taken very well. I am really happy with how people have received the remake and the support has been really really good across the world. 

Does your creative process change every time you create a track?

Yes, it does. It could start with the drums; or if I come across a sound on one of my sinths; sometimes I start with a template that I created… It depends what kind of track I am going towards as well.

What was the production process like for this track?

The production process was pretty easy as I had the original idea already laid out. Originally it was going to be a bootleg for my shows but when the pandemic hit I had time to mess around with it to create a bit more of an original sounding version.

Were you able to get to the studio?

At the time when creating Leave I had my own studio and I was lucky enough to finish it before I had to leave due to the pandemic.

Do you have a home studio?

Originally I had one and I plan to have one in the near future, but at the moment I do not. 

If you have a home studio – which do you prefer?

I prefer a home studio because I can get into my creative process a lot easier as I am more comfortable there.

How has the last year impacted you?

It impacted me quite a lot… It has made me think about certain things like “do I really need to spend on certain things?”. Musically it’s been an up and down journey, if it wasn’t for the pandemic, I wouldn’t have been able to get myself into shape as I wasn’t looking after myself before the pandemic. I started going to the gym, to create a more positive mindset and that really helps me musically as at the beginning of the pandemic it basically stopped me from making music.

What positives have you taken from the current world situation?

The positive is to spend more time with friends and family and create moments that you can look back on and mainly really is to look after yourself because as I said in the last question I wasn’t looking after myself… I was always working, never had time off and this made me think that I need to have time off, I need time out. The positive is to look after yourself and spend time with friends and family.

Life after COVID, where are you going first?

I am going… I don’t know… (laughs) If it’s for gigs, then hopefully a club or a show, but personally, I would love to have a weekend get-away. Take a little break and reset after the year we’ve had.

If you could collab with any artist, who would that be and why?

Calvin Harris because he is an absolute beast! The way he produces is unbelievable. 

Is there anyone who inspires your sound?

It’s a hard one… I would have to say Avicii, Lucas & Steve and Calvin Harris… but the list goes one!

Favourite tracks of ALL time?

It’s got to be Reflekt – Need to Feel Loved. Love that track, the melody is amazing.

Are there any upcoming artists you want to shout out?

Yes, Malrkey because his production techniques are amazing! The way he takes tracks on a musical journey and the way he produces music generally is so interesting. There is never a track that he has put out that I am not like “WOW, that’s amazing!”. Also everyone at the PXL Records team – Blinkie, Kevin Gani and WhoisOrion who have also been working on making amazing music.