Jay Hardway

Jay Hardway returns for the second time this year with his latest stellar release ‘Rollercoaster’ following his earlier hit ‘Operation Unicorn’. A true legend within the electronic dance music scene, Jay continues to prove why he is a force to be reckoned with. DMCWORLD checks in with the main man…

Tell us about ‘Rollercoaster’ what was the inspiration behind this?

I came up with this melody at my parent’s house. Just during a random day. I decided to record it in a voicenote and took it to my studio after that. The sounds are definitely inspired by my older track Electric Elephants. So I decided to go back to that style a little bit! 

What was the production process like?

So I took the voice recording into the studio and worked from there. Building chords around the melody I came up with and from there it went really fast. I stumbled upon the lead sound of Electric Elephants and decided to give it a try on this project. It turned out great and I decided to keep it in! Super happy with the result.

How was it releasing on Musical Freedom for the first time?

It was really cool to have the approval and support of Tiesto, as I sent it to him first. He immediately liked it and after a few adjustments we decided it would be really cool on his label. He is a legendary DJ in the Netherlands and has been for as long as I can remember, so it’s really special to release on his label!

Photo © Darryl Adelaar

What is getting you through this difficult time?

Making music is what I love doing the most, and now I have way more time for that. I also have a good day/night routine, so I’m actually in good shape physically as well! Of course it’s really sad that all shows are canceled, but I’m seeing a lot of positives as well! And most importantly, I’m healthy! 

What is the first thing you plan on doing once this is over?

Go out for drinks with friends, hug my family, go out for dinner and go to all the festivals haha! 

How much time are you spending in the studio, can we expect a lot of releases?

I’m spending almost every day in my studio, and I have the chance to finish a lot of stuff. So there is definitely more music coming. Also this time gives me the opportunity to release some different stuff, because I can’t play my music in clubs anyways, so I might as well release totally different songs, more pop inspired! 

Photo © Darryl Adelaar

What livestreams have you been doing whilst on lockdown? (gaming also)

I love gaming, and I love that I have a bit more time for that now. I also love the community on Twitch, where everyone is super dedicated. So I’ve already attracted some regular followers over there. I also stream studio time, where I make music and listen to demos! 

What projects can we expect from you this year?

As mentioned before I’m gonna experiment a bit more with different styles of music and work with songwriters for example. So expect some different releases as well!

Jay Hardway ‘Rollercoaster’ is out now on Musical Freedom. Buy here…