Love & Logic

Co-owners of the widely successful SOUP NYC record label and event brand, Love & Logic are staples in the underground house & techno community. Well known for their upfront mixing style, their history in dance music allows them to seamlessly navigate through different styles of House & Techno, dropping everything from unreleased tunes by today’s most cutting edge producers, to rare classics, to their own self-produced cuts, the latest of which – Herb – lands on the debut compilation from RVDIOVCTIVE Records, a new label offshoot of the established NYC party brand. DMCWORLD caught up with them for a quick chat…

Welcome to DMC guys – how’s 2022 treated you so far?

We are doing very well, and thanks for asking! We had a lot of studio time over the last few years and are excited to see our release schedule ramping up this year. Also happy to be back to DJ gigs and our events. We’ve got some big stuff in the works for summer and it’s exciting to be back at it full on.

For readers who might not be familiar with your music, where would you recommend people start?

Start with our SOUP record label and any of our Love & Logic tunes out on our own imprint, and DEF check our new record for the Rvdiovctive compilation called “Herb.”  It’s our most recently finished song and speaks to the vibe we are feeling currently. We are very excited about our contribution to the Rvdiovctive comp.  We released a tune called Baba Yaga on Nervous Records back in May that’s also a great example of our current vibes.  Later in the month we have an exciting new collab with Gettoblaster and our homie Born I that’s 1000% worth peeping.

Aside from your production, you also put on SOUP NYC events… How much did the pandemic affect you, and are things now back on track to some degree? 

ThepPandemic put a total halt to our events starting in March 2020.  We eased back into things with our summer boat series this past summer, and are looking forward to being in full swing come this summer and beyond.

Was there ever a moment when a change of career loomed?

Hell no! House Music is our passion.

What’s been your personal favorite moment from all the parties you’ve thrown over the years?

AB Logic: There are so many… tough one… I think one of my all time favorites was at a Miami Music Week event we put on a while ago in collaboration with Roland Corp, back when they released the AIRA series of equipment . We had the Acid House inventors Phuture doing a fully live PA using all the new Roland AIRA Gear.  They did their own live Acid version of the Roland Clark classic “I Get Deep.” Moments before, Roland, and Todd Terry walked into the booth to hang. Phuture had no idea they were there. Roland tapped DJ Pierre on the shoulder and goes “Want me to do the vocal live,” which was a total surprise to everyone in the room, including Phuture.   They stopped the music, everyone went crazy and Roland grabbed the mic and in his deep Roland Clarke voice  shouts “I get deep, i get deep, etc etc.” and Phuture dropped the beat. Everyone went crazy. It was one of those “House moments” that can never be replicated.  Spanky from Phuture passed on shortly after, and it’s always been a warm memory for all of us involved in throwing that party.

Chris Love: For me it was definitely booking Carl Cox, Richie Hawtin, and the late Erick Morrillo (among others) on one lineup in NYC at the South Street Seaport overlooking the Hudson River.  Absolutely insane night!

Between the two of you you’ve clocked up years in the industry… does anything still surprise you?

As the band Jane’s Addiction would say: Nothing’s Shocking

Your next release comes on RVDIOVCTIVE’s new label. As people who made the transition from party promoters to running a label a while back, did they tap you up for advice?

Honestly, Devon, Will, and the guys at Rvdiovctive have had years of experience in their own right, both as promoters, and behind the scenes in various roles working for a bunch of different artists and labels, so they had a very clear cut vision and plan in launching their label.  He and Will have been regularly featured artists on our SOUP label, so who knows if they picked up any of our bad habits! Time will tell haha!

What’s the dynamic like between you in the studio? Do you tend to have pretty clearly defined roles, or is it more fluid than that?

Super fluid vibes for us in the studio.  Whoever’s got the big idea at the moment is what we run with!

Pandemic aside – which we appreciate is a big aside – do you think dance music in the US, and in particular house music, is in a decent state at the moment?

From a fiscal standpoint, and in seeing many good friends based in the US make big financial strides off their music, yes, it’s in a good state. That said, we are from the underground, and hope to see a return to top artists playing in dark seedy intimate rooms now and again, where sound and music came first, and the pish posh second.  Small dark rooms are where the music started and thrived, and even though there is a heavy festival and corporate side happening, it would be nice seeing more artists who “made it” staying true to the roots of the culture as well.

What’s your biggest focus for the rest of the year?

Releasing tracks!  As lovers of DJ’ing, we are easily sidetracked, and get wrapped up in our show schedule and event planning, very easily pushing production to the back burner. We have made a pact to stay focused on the studio and release more music in 2022 than ever before.