“This EP encapsulates multiple influences on my journey as a music producer, which started many years ago,” says Maglia. “Some of these tracks are old sessions, whilst others are relatively new but they have all been polished and finished in our studio based in Mykonos, Greece. Middle Eastern sonorities and their deep sonic signatures have always fascinated me; the vibrations translated via synth lines and live recorded drums, in my opinion, gives the perfect synergy for dance floors.” 

With over 20 years of DJ experience, Maglia has dedicated his life to music and the creative arts. It was this passion that led him to co-found the Moni establishment in 2013 which quickly became a point of reference in the clubbing scene, welcoming the likes of Dixon, Seth Troxler, Bill Brewster, Honey Dijon and many others. Maglia’s entrepreneurial spirit also saw him co-found the label and party Bordel Ensemble alongside friends Opus Dehli, Jheab & Peggy Gou, as well as co-founding the lifestyle collective London Village Kids. The quiet times through 2020/21 saw Maglia lay focus on his own music, paving the way for his timely debut on Damian Lazarus’ Rebellion.

DMCWORLD dives in…

Maglia - Chouia [Rebellion]


Hi Joseph, great to have you with us today! How are you and where are you chatting to us from right now?

I am good, thank you ! I am Chatting from Mykonos, Greece at the moment.

An exciting moment as you are set to make your debut on Damian Lazarus’ Rebellion imprint with your four track Chouia EP. Congrats on this one! What can you tell us about the EP? 

Thank you very much ! An exciting moment indeed! The EP is four tracks I started quite a while ago but finished all in our studio here in Mykonos. Very dancefloor orientated music with a very pronounced middle eastern flavor

How did the EP find itself on Rebellion?

Damian Lazarus reached out to have a chat after the summer of 2021 and nicely asked to listen to what I was up to at the time. I sent him five demos and was hoping maybe one or two would get his attention but he took all five! 4 for the EP on Rebellion, one for a VA on Crosstown Rebels coming out in June. Was very happy about his response!

The EP features Middle Eastern influences throughout with great effect, what is it about these sounds that draws you to them? 

It is the mystique of the melodies. I find these sounds to be very powerful and deep at the same time. Always been drawn to these sonorities.

Can you run us through the creative process behind this EP?

All the tracks came out differently in the creative process. I like to mix different workflows depending on my mood. Chouia, Rohya, Biskra are from very spontaneous jams when Barde is pairing music samples and different machines from the studio.

Can you tell us about the Moni nightclub of which you are co-founder and resident of?

It’s a small 80sqm venue on the edge of Mykonos town. Two of my friends and myself wanted to have a place where we could play the music we love and party with our friends without having to answer to anybody, so when an opportunity came along we just went for it… Moni is more than a “club” for me as we have built a strong community around it and it is a meeting point every summer for friends from all around the world, not to mention it’s a DJ heaven with enough sound to host 2000 people when we can only have 200 🙂

More recently, the Moni establishment has also introduced a studio space. What can you tell us about that? 

My business partner, who is also a sound engineer, and I have had this idea of a studio on the island for a while but never had the time to do it properly. After the beginning of the pandemic and our entire industry being forced to completely stop, we used this “free” time to convert Moni as a proper studio.  We wanted to keep busy and create as well as offering an escape to any like-minded music producers who might want to change scenery during these hard times. We have had the visit of amazing people such as Aera, Gib’R, DJ Gregory, Toto Chiavetta and more…

Thank you for chatting Joseph! We wish you all the best going forwards and hope to catch up again soon. To finish up, is there anything else upcoming from yourself that you’d like to share with us?

Thank you ! Just to stay on the subject of the studio, we have launched ANEMOS DANCE,  a Mykonos based music label to use as a platform to release all the music we made the past two years with our friends. Keep an eye out as a lot of exciting stuff is coming…

Maglia – Chouia EP. Out now on Rebellion

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