Upcoming UK-based DJ and producer NIMDA returns to the release trenches with heavy-hitting new single ‘Baddest’. The newest offering from the talent directly follows his December release of ‘Defeat’, off the ‘Mentis I’ compilation from his very own imprint. The dubstep aficionado officially launched his label, Mentis Audio, in early December of 2021, creating a new platform for the latest sounds coming out of the landscape. DMC dives in…

Nimda a huge welcome to DMCWORLD! What was the creative process like producing your new single?
Hey DMC! So I started making Baddest back in June 2021. I was sat next to my friend Lewis (Aka DALA), I originally started the song as a collab with Dala but I ended up making it into a solo tune. I pretty much kept forgetting about the song which is why it took 7 months to finish.
What is your reason behind wanting to make such heavy-hitting bass music?
I have always loved angry/energetic music, metal, dubstep, dnb, grime, drill etc. When I saw Sub Focus play some super heavy dubstep at a show in 2011 when I was 11 years old, I pretty much immediately wanted to do the same.
Where do you draw inspiration from in regard to your music and creative process – any artist or music in particular?  
Some of my biggest inspirations are definitely my friends such as Dala, Aimless, Dkkay, Stvg, Executioner, Owtlaw, JoeB, D’Lion, Kronomikal, Supercool, Marauda, there are too many to name.
You released a 10-track compilation and most recently your new single ‘Baddest’ on your own label – what motivated you to start Mentis Audio?
I have so many talented producer friends who have so much awesome unreleased music. I wanted to create a platform for me and these friends to release on.

Production wise, can you tell us about some of the upcoming projects you are working on?

There’s not much to say, just expect more blown out tearout from me over the next couple months.
If you collaborate with anyone, who would it be and why?
Probably Leotrix. Leotrix is very good at a wide range of styles, I think my obnoxious approach to music would combine well with his sound design knowledge and thought-out approach to that kind of riddim sound. (Even though I pretty much never make riddim)
You have a tour coming up this year, is there anywhere in particular you are eager to play?
I’d love to play Ministry of Sound in London again, last time I played there it popped off hard. Would also love to hit anywhere in Australia.
If you could play at any festival in the world, which one would it be?
Probably Forbidden Kingdom, that festival always looks awesome and my music has been played out there a lot.
What direction do you see yourself taking musically within the next 10 years?
I have no idea to be honest, I’m just taking everything as it comes. Whatever happens, I will always make the music that I have the most fun making.
You have a few projects in store for 2022, what are you most excited for?
I’m excited to drop an EP this year, I haven’t really put effort into EP’s before but this one has had a lot of work put into it.