Quarterhead, Cheat Codes, & KIDDO

DMCWORLD grab a world exclusive with Quarterhead as they bring us their hugely anticipated collaboration with Cheat Codes and Kiddo via Universal Music Germany…


How did your new single ‘Lucky’ come to be, and who decided to reach out to whom to collaborate?

We started the song on a zoom session with Kiddo last year in December. At first we didn’t like it and actually did two more sessions to rework it because we couldn’t get the melody out of our heads. When the basic writing was done we showed the song to Cheat Codes  who fell in love with it and offered their help to finalise the production. It’s a dream collab for sure!

What was the production process like when working with one another on ‘Lucky’?

As Covid made it impossible to meet in the studio so everything from vocal recording over mix feedback up to the final master was done digitally, over zoom and chats. Quite an unusual way – but it worked perfectly! The future is here.

How does crafting an original production on one’s own differ from making a collaborative sonic endeavor like ‘Lucky’?

Every song is different! So we just went with what felt best for the melody, the lyrics and the vocal energy. It felt that Cheat Codes, Kiddo and us all were on the same page throughout the process. It went smooth! So we never really came to a point where someone had a feeling it wasn’t “their sound”. 

Cheat Codes

What was the best part about being able to create ‘Lucky’ with each other?

Maybe this answer lies in the one above – it felt really easy. Like luck always does right?

For each of you, what’s been the best part about being able to make music over the last couple of years?

Growing, making progress, getting better, overcoming obstacles and trusting each other and the process.


If you three could perform ‘Lucky’ at any major international music festival, where would it be and why?

Let’s take this one to Lollapalooza! The vibes just match!

If you could have anyone in electronic dance music remix ‘Lucky’, who would it be?

Calvin Harris would be amazing!

Who are each of your all-time favorite musicians, and why?

John Mayer for always being believable, Mac Miller for his vibes, Stromae for always reinventing himself

What’s it been like working alongside Universal Germany to release ‘Lucky’?

They are the best team. In music persistence is key and their patience is unparalleled.

Are there any plans to work with each other on tracks in the near future?

We’re always writing new stuff together and it all depends on the right song!