Rogue D

Responsible for a number of hits over the last few years, including the 2018 anthem Chains on Hot Creations, Danny Minchella aka Rogue D makes an eagerly awaited return to Crosstown Rebels sister label Rebellion this July. The three track EP includes all of the good stuff we’ve come to expect from Rogue D in recent times! We spoke with Danny to catch up with him ahead of the release…

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Hello Danny! It’s a pleasure to have you with us today. First off, can you tell us where you are based at the moment and how the last few months have been for you given the global situation?

Hi guys, it’s a pleasure for me today to be here with you. I moved to Bologna 5 years ago, before I was in Milan.These past few months have been really tough in all ways.

An emergency we weren’t prepared for. I have spent the past few months in the studio working on new music..

It’s great to see you return to Rebellion with another impressive release! Straight up summer vibes across this one! Can you tell us a bit about the release and how it came to find its home on Rebellion?

As I said above I spent the last few months in the studio and I listened to a lot of music and I had the desire to create an EP with a disco vibe but with a more club beat and the Burning EP I think is exactly the result of what I had in mind to create. Immediately after finishing the EP, the idea of ​​sending to Damian came spontaneously.

Your work as Rogue D has a distinct rawness to it paired with strong grooves. Tell us, what’s your creative process like when it comes to making music and what are your go-to bits of gear in the studio?

Generally I start from a sample idea, disco, funk or soul, and then start creating the drum and then the bassline. Everything must be solid, fun and make people smile when they listen to it! The instruments that I have been using most lately are 1 turntable and many vinyl to listen to and sample! As for the mix, I really like UAD plugins, which are of excellent quality.

Your output under Rogue D remains consistently high quality and your passion for this sound is clear! What keeps the Rogue D project so inspired?

The only thing that keeps me constantly in front of my computer to produce is to listen to a lot of music just so ideas can come…

It has been a strange and uncertain time in recent months. What’s helping you to stay positive in a time like this and what are you looking forward to as some level of normality hopefully begins to return?

This is a good question..

Discouragement is useless. You must always believe in your own abilities, if you don’t believe in yourself you have already lost at the start.

The period is what it is .. you have to grit your teeth and move on!

Aside from the Burning EP, are there any tracks you’ve found lately that you can’t wait to play out when you’re next able to do so? Or perhaps any exciting artists you’ve discovered during the lockdown months?

Yes, many! There are many projects that I am following including the ‘Paradise Pizza’ project of my great friend and partner Cristiano aka Memoryman. Then I really like the “Take It Easy Records” project of my dear friends Dirty Channels and the “Fresco Edits” project of my dear friend Daniele .. just to name a few.

Your years of dedication to the scene are a great testament to yourself as an artist. With your wealth of experience, what would be the most valuable piece of advice you would offer to an aspiring artist?

If I really have to give advice to aspiring producers and DJs I feel like saying to listen to ALL the music and also study the technical part to ensure that what you have in mind turns into a record.

Thank you for speaking with us today Danny! Before we sign off, is there anything else Rogue D related you’re able to share with us at the moment?

At the moment I am working on multiple projects, even with different aliases but at the moment I still cannot reveal!

Thanks guys a big hug!

Rogue D – Burning EP out now on Rebellion