One of the most devoutcontributorstothe progression of electronic music, Solee,enjoyed another career-defining year in 2023,with a consistent stream oforiginalmusicfor the likes of Ritter Butzke Records, Spectrum and his own Future Romance.Following the release of hisglobally-adored single ‘Krake’ in November of last year,Solee now returns to his own esteemed imprint with his follow-up record, ‘On TheOther Side’, kick-starting the new yearin the same tenacious fashionwith which heended the last. DMCWORLD grabs a world exclusive…


Hey Solee. Firstly, congratulations on the release of your new track ‘On The Other Side’. How has the single been received so far?

Hello, thank you! “On The Other Side” is going well so far, I’ve already gotten a lot of good feedback, which makes me very happy.

Can you tell us a little about the production process behind the release?

I produced the track at the beginning of last year in my little studio and tested it during my performances throughout the last year. For the synths and basses I mainly used VST instruments, such as: “Pigments“ from Arturia or “Omnisphere“ from Spectrasonics. The drums are coming from my sample library that I have accumulated over the years.

Do you have a particular format when producing music?

I usually start from scratch and try to find a melody or harmony on which I then build everything. But it also happens that I have a certain bassline in my head and build everything around that. The drums usually come later. But somehow it all depends on the mood and I like to just let myself flow without any particular procedures. It should always be fun and not be an assembly line job.

Would you say you prefer working in the studio or getting out and playing music?

I really love both. The combination of producing music and playing it in the clubs fits together perfectly. First you have a musical idea, then it becomes a track in the studio. Then you can play it for the first time in the club and see the reaction of the dancers. The experiences in the club in turn influence the work in the studio. Somehow it belongs together for me.

Do you have any goals you’d like to achieve this year?

I would like to continue not to be influenced too much by general hype and social media trends. Just keep making the music that I like and of course to continue working on my label “Future Romance”.

Is there any new music on the horizon that we should know about?

I’ve been spending a lot of time in the studio lately, so some new tracks from me will definitely be released this year. Next up are 2 new tracks from me on my label in March 2024. 

Tell us about your label plans for 2024.

I have already signed some new great tracks for Future Romance that you can look forward to. This month the first edition of our new “Vinyl-Only” series called “Collector” will be released. More of these will follow. New t-shirts for the spring/summer season are in the works, and the first artist-album will be released on the label in 2024. Let’s see what else will happen, there are lots of ideas.

Thanks for the chat Solee! Let us know where we can follow you.  

Thanks for the nice chat, guys!