Trainspotting with Kevin Hedge (Blaze)

Kevin Hedge is one half of the legendary songwriting/production team, Blaze with Josh Milan. They have been recording dance-oriented music for over 25 years and are considered to be pioneers of soulful dance music. Blaze (Hedge/Milan) wrote, produced and remixed many huge dance hits like Delacy’s ‘Hideaway’, their own singles ‘Breathe’, ‘One Dream’ and ‘Most Precious Love’ feat. Barbara Tucker. After a break from music for nearly 10 years, Kevin is back with a stunning new single, ‘Reach For The Stars’.. DMCWorld Checks in to see what new soulful grooves are currently rocking his world.. 


Kevin Hedge (Blaze) – Reach For the Stars
To me this track is a sort of throw back to an original classic Blaze production. Jazzy soul chords over a driving baseline on top of a straight clean house drum groove. What I have always loved about Blaze music is it’s always spiritually uplifting and deeply soulful. I can play this record today as well as 20 years from now, always reaching for stars!
Premiere: Kevin Hedge Blaze ft. Rick Galactik - Reach For The Stars - Quantize Recordings

Ten City – Be Free
Energetic instrumentation, quality audio sonics, all around pro-style vocal performance, and great songwriting! Again this release is another example of music with purpose, spiritual uplifting and socially aware. Everybody Be Free!
Ten City - Be Free (Visualizer) [Ultra Music]

Jarrod Lawson – Be The Change
Another one from the theme of World Peace. This record is everything I ever wanted to write and produce in my career. Outstanding music production with sincere heartfelt soul and love for mankind. WELL DONE !!! Inspirational energy for/and to me, a call to arms for us to try and “Be The Change”!
Be The Change - Jarrod Lawson (Official Audio)

Jimpster & Rich Medina – This Thing
Smooth infectious groove with an impeccable performance by Rich Medina. Spoken word and the dance beats blended effortlessly. Great record to set the mood of the evening, This Thing!
Maurice Joshua, Joyce Hurley –  We Fall Down (Oscar P Retouch) 
A message of faith and hope, delivered soulfully be the vocalist. Oscar P put the stomp on this and really brought it to the dance floor. Will be dropping this one for a long time.
Sons of the Son –  Underwater Dreaming (Zepherin Saint Tribe Mix) 
Cool vibe where R&B meets house. Saint has become one of my favorite producers skilfully applying house beats to an R&B melody. Great crossover track going from commercial mid-tempo to deeper house grooves.
Kaidi Tatham – DXSWC
Just about anything I see Kiadi Tatham on, no doubt I’m gonna love. A true music man mixing jazz soul and house music. This is my meditation background music, that will still rock the club!
Rafael Moraes – Higher
Solid soulful track toped with harmonica vibes. Interesting blend of sounds, it’s the kind of track I could play for 20 minutes during a set, and never get bored. Brazilian house music at it’s best!
Soulista, Shantall – Eres Todo En Mi
Beautiful movement, hypnotic vibes and a great vocal performance. I really like this record even though I can’t understand the lyrics. It’s the mood! Listening to this production I cam smell the ocean I can sea the bright blues skies I picture me in my mind escaping to a secluded beach in Bahia.
10 James Dearon – Iyanabo
I am a love of lush full production, but at heart I still want to rock the dance floor. This track will always get me going. I love the energy here, it is a pace setter in the clubs.
Kevin Hedge (Blaze)  ‘Reach For The Stars’ is out now on Quantize Recordings.