Trainspotting With Michael Vinciguerra

Growing up in NYC exposed Michael Vinciguerra to all types of music which helped shape his sound – a mix of House Music, Hip Hop, and New Wave. Mike has had several releases on the legendary Nervous Records label to date. As he drops his new single, All You Need’ on BIG Speaker Music, DMCWorld goes Trainspotting with Michael Vinciguerra


Michael Vinciguerra – All You Need (Original Mix) – Big Speaker Music

Sexy Piano House, bringing that happy 90’s House vibe.

That Kid Chris – Blade 2 The Rhythm (Original Mix) – Big Speaker Music

Pumping Tribal Tech that gets the party started.

Blade 2 The Rhythm

Sandy B – Ain’t No Need To Hide (Sam Divine Extended Remix) – RH2

I love me some Sam Divine! This is a fresh, uplifting House remix of a classic!

Sandy B - 'Ain't No Need To Hide' (Sam Divine Remix) - Official Music Video

Ayaba Poetic/Dunmore Brothers – Step Closer (Original Mix) – Snatch! Records

Funky sexy House to set the vibe

Infrasoul – Stay In Space (Felipe Gordon Remix) The Basement Discos

This is a dope, groovy track from Felipe.

Eddie Cabrera – Playing With Knives (Original Mix) – Whore House

I’m a sucker for piano house and this is just straight up good house music.

Dj Pp/Gabriel Rocha – Feel So Good (Original Mix) – Ppmusic

Uplifting, funky House to light up the dance floor.

Johannes Albert – Closer (Your Body Next To Mine) Original Mix- Frank Music

This has got a dope bassline. Makes you want to F**k on the dance floor.

Alt Control – Optical Glitch- (Alpha Dog Remix) – Maccabi House

This is straight up fire from Alpha Dog!

Chapter And Verse – Want To Love (Extended Mix) The Myth Of Nyx

Back to my roots, this is real House Music.


Michael Vinciguerra -- ‘All You Need (Original Mix)’ is out now on BIG Speaker Music