A combination of delicate strings, rousing breakdowns and emotional vocals, ‘Break Up’ is the kind of affecting dance track that leaves a lasting impression. This new release follows a string of  essential releases from the duo, notably the  twocolors’ remix of ‘Dry Bones’ by Grammy-winning vocalist Gregory Porter. Prior to that they dropped hit singles ‘Feel It 2’‘Passion’ and ‘Bloodstream’, with the latter also later remixed by Belgian DJ and producer Lost Frequencies. With over 2 billion global streams, DMCWORLD thought it the perfect opportunity to get the lowdown…


Hi guys, welcome to DMC! Tell us about your latest single ‘Break Up’ with PascalLetoublon, how did this track come together for you?

We wrote that song before we worked on Lovefool, so more than two years ago. Pierro found Pascal‘s single ‘Friendships’ on Youtube and really loved that song, it was not on Spotify back then, but we thought let’s make something in that field, but with a topline and a mysterious vibe.

How would you describe the sound and style of ‘Break Up’? What musical elements would yousay are most important to the twocolors sound?

It has a unique bass and guitar sound. And for our twocolors sound we always record real instruments so that you could hear or feel that our music is handmade.

If you could send the stems to anyone, who would you choose to remix the track and why?

Duke Dumont, Calvin Harris, Skrillex, Giorgio Tuinfort, all of them have created unique sounds and songs and we really think they helped to bring us closer to electronic dance music.

And if you could work with any vocalist, who would you choose to sing on your next release and why?

The Weeknd, Rosalia, Justin Bieber. The songs or demos are already ready. We just love to work with artists that have created their own universe with amazing videos, songs, visuals, live shows, so these three are definitely on top of that list.

What does a typical day look like for twocolors?

If we write a new song from scratch we meet at noon at studio east, we create a little melody or chord progression, then other songwriters come by and we work on the song until we have a pretty rough, but good layout of the song idea. After the others leave, we work on the production until we’re feeling the vibe.

What are the most important lessons you’ve learned since starting in the music industry?

Nobody is waiting for you. A cool song doesn’t automatically translate to success. Get to know the business side oft the industry and the rest is just work until you no longer have to introduce yourself. 🙂

What else can we expect from you in the coming months?

New music, a big new remix, a new video and we are slowly getting ready to play live!

Finally,what are big 5 tunes you have on repeat at the moment?

Jay Z – Lucifer, Nora En Pure – Reminiscing, Biig Piig – Feels Right, Doechii – Persuasive, Kx5 – Escape.