DMCWORLD checks in with this exciting new French artist as he releases his debut single via Warner Music. Now based in Japan, his sound uses a lot of old analogue synths and instruments bringing us an amazing old school disco vibe…enjoy the ride…

Hi Vantage, thanks for taking time out of your schedule to chat! How have you been getting on?

It’s kind of weird, my life is changing a lot haha ! But thank fully it’s for the better, I feel great ! 

You recently released your new single 50//50 – tell us about it! How did this song come about?

Well I was just having a good time while making it and there was no aspiration whatsoever for it to become what it is ! I found the sample and started vibing pretty much lol…

50//50 originally garnered a lot of attention on TikTok – do you know where the viral trend started from? How important would you say these platforms are for music and getting it heard?

I think these platforms are very important, this song had caught the attention of meme makers and the likes before it even got to TikTok, I think the fact that it was in those circles before helped it get the where it is now (eg. the turnip meme).

For those who aren’t familiar with your sound – how would you describe it?

I would say glossy, happy and easy going ! Kind of sounds like a mash of all the music I like, funk, house, disco, hip-hop etc. 

We’ve seen you use a lot of old synths on your instagram. Do you use a lot throughout your music?

Yes I do ! A lot of the sounds I use come from my old trusty jx-3p! Technically you can make any sound with any decent synth, but I found the jx to have a sound soft enough to blend well with samples! 

You’re originally from France and now based in Japan – would you say these places have influenced your sound? If so, how?

Yes very much, daft punk for example has been a huge influence on my sound, and every kid of my generation sort of thinks of them as the perfect career lol but yeah digging in, listening to their influences and taking a look at where all the music I like is rooted really shaped my taste I think. In Japanese music there is also a lot more complex chords and it feels like the music is written from the melody as opposed to starting with chords and building on top, and this way of thinking about music really influenced me a lot.

Talk to us about the imagery used in your project – we like the press shot avatar! How important is it to have a certain aesthetic alongside your music?

Very very important in my opinion, I think it helps project what kind of world it sits in, and I also like to think of music as a form of entertainment so stimulating the brain with good visuals along it is key to me! 

What else can we expect for the rest of the year?

Lots of new music, physical releases, interesting projects and content! Please look forward to it!

Vantage ’50/50′ is out now on Warner Music