Yves V

The superstar from Benelux returns with new tune ‘Alone Again’. DMCWORLD grabs a world exclusive…


A huge welcome to DMCWORLD Yves, where on this lunatic planet are you today?

Thank you DMCWORLD – it certainly has been a crazy year! I’m currently at home in Belgium, spending my time with my family and also keeping busy in the studio.

What is the best piece of new music you have heard recently?

Dom Dolla’s ‘Pump The Breaks’ has been sounding great in mixes recently, a great deep banger that sets the speakers alight!

Really exciting times for you at the moment thanks to your new single ‘Alone Again’, a collaboration with SESA and PollyAnna. How did this collab happen, who’s masterplan was it?

Thanks! It was a collaboration we’d discussed in it’s infancy and when I met with my label and we discussed the potential to get PollAnna also on the track, I was excited to see what magic we could create together.

Please talk us through the sound and inspiration behind the track…

We wanted to take the original topline and inject it with some emotion, whilst still keeping one foot on the dancefloor to get people grooving. It’s a slower tempo than what I’ve been releasing lately but we really wanted the individual elements to shine alongside the production.

So gotta touch on the subject that has dominated the world; how has the past year been for you, how have you been spending your time and what have you learnt about yourself and the world we live in?

I’ve managed to slow down which I’ve actually appreciated. I miss my fans and being able to tour around the world but being able to slow down has allowed me to spend some time with my family and in the studio. It’s been a difficult year but I’ve been reminded about how amazing all my fans are with their constant support.

3 big tunes in your box this weekend…

Dom Dolla’s ‘Pump The Breaks’ is a great banger that sets the speakers alight!

R3HAB, Fafaq & DNF’s ‘Ringtone’ is a total earworm with this great digitised vocal that you can’t help but move to

Florian Picasso’s ‘Get Away’ is also great, it builds and builds with this class, everything Florian releases is a hit!

Okay let’s get personal for a moment…

Favourite film of all time?

Top Gun, childhood memories!

Childhood celebrity crush?

Yasmine Bleeth

Your most cherished album?

Green Day’s ‘Dookie’

The last time you cried?

Yesterday saying goodbye to my son to leave for the airport

A tune you wish you’d have made?

Deadmau5’s ‘Strobe’

Your earliest memory of music as a child?

Attending music school when I was around 6

Cool! So was music the only career choice for you or was there another life path you could have taken?

I was actually sports teacher before I broke into music, it was all about taking a risk and following your dream for me. It’s never too late or to crazy to do what you love.

What was your first break into the music industry?

I began playing smaller shows and learning the style and direction I wanted to go with as a DJ and a producer back at home in Belgium. For me, my big “break” would have been being invited by the Tomorrowland team to become a mainstage resident. There is no other festival in the world like it and to be able to be a part of the events growth from the beginning is something I’m super proud of as a native Belgian 

Who were the guys you were looking up to in the early days?

Tiesto, Steve Aoki, David Guetta, Calvin Harris, I could go on! All great producers and businessmen in their own right.

3 things you are looking forward to in 2021…

Being able to see my fans in-person again, the joy of live shows returning and releasing lots of huge solo tracks and collaborations so we can all get dancing again!