Alias Rhythm

ADE 2012 Special

Tunes Of The Week

Kenny Summit and Director’s Cut feat Yasmeen – Loving You
Rose Rouge – Steady
Artful Dodger – Please Don’t Turn Me On (Disclosure Remix)

Party Of The Week

ADE has this way of reminding us that we’re only human, so sadly missed out on quite a few of the parties that I wanted to go to.  But of the ones I went to, Defected in The House did it for me again this year.  They had me wishing I could be in two rooms at once, even at the same party!

DJ of the week

Man, that’s a really tough call, saw so many cats that were doing it solid last week.  Gonna ride with my man Sandy Rivera though, he always seems to play the records I’m in to. Shout to David Penn as well, his set was killer!

Get any work done or was it all about the party…

The standard answer is 50/50, but I think I did a bit more relaxing and partying this year than I did last year. Definitely got a lot done and met a lot of new people though.  But yeah, days were still centered around what was going on at night, so I’m gonna say it was 60/40 partying to working.

The person to watch in 2013 who shone at ADE?

Really dug Hot Since 82’s set on Friday night.  Been digging this cat for a while, but I think he’ll really kill it next year. Expected a good set from him, but was treated to a great one!

Best gossip heard?

I heard a lot of different stuff last week, but I ain’t one to gossip, so whatever you heard, you ain’t heard that from me!