AN21 & Max Vangeli

People of The Night blowing up for the mighty Swedes

Dudes, welcome to DMC. Massive new track out ‘People Of The Night’ which is the second tune from your debut album of the same name. Well, where do we start!? Talk us through this tune for starters, up against the might of Tiesto – how did this track come about – why Tiesto?

“We spoke about doing some work together when we had dinner in Stockholm one summer, and kind of took off from there.  We sent the initial idea to Tiesto and he loved it, got some vocals tweaked the record and BOOM!  Was a very quick collaboration, very smooth.”

You seemed to have the album pretty much sorted by the end of last year. How long did this wonderful piece of EDM take to create?

“It was supposed to get released last year but we ran into a few obstacles between different managements etc. But to be honest, We´re happy that it took the time it did.  We made many new fresh records that completed the album in a different way.”

From a personal point of view, what are your highlights track wise from the album?

“We´ve always been a big fan of Julie McKnight and been wanting to work with her for years, and we´re very proud to announce that we HAVE made a record with her on the ‘People Of The Night’ album!  Its an incredible record with her beautiful soulful vibe, and we cant wait to show it to the rest of the world.”

Where did you two first meet?

“Miami Music Conference 2010 at the ‘SIZE MATTERS’ pool party. Most people can´t believe it but we actually met each other on myspace and only knew each other online for the first year of our careers.”

You claimed that EDC was the best festival of 2011 – what has been the best event so far of 2012?

“There are so many great festivals that we have done this year, but I think all the best ones of 2012 are still to come in the later part of August.  Creamfields is always one of the big ones that really stick out for sure.  Last one SHM stage was just unreal as well!”

You are on the road all of the time – do you ever to create music flying or at the hotels you hit – or do you save your creativity for the studio back home?

“80% of our work is done on our laptops in headphones in a hotel or on a plane. But we always get into a big studio to do the final tweaks and mixing.”

What is the current top 10 you are spinning?

“The top 10 is going to be most of our album stuff, majority of our set is our album.  But of course we are always supporting out SIZE team with some big rcords form Steve Angello, Third Party Tim Mason, Qulinez etc  I think its only fair to release the album for the people to see the track listing for themselves!”

What is on your gig rider whilst you are DJing?

“I know that many DJs have really weird shit on their rider to make them feel special or something…Give us some Patron & Jaeger and we´re happy!”

What has been the biggest tune of 2012 to date?

“Instead of talking about our album in every question I´m going to say a track called ‘Lights’ thats getting released on SIZE quite soon…Produced by who I can not say yet! Huge record and the world will soon hear it!”

What are the plans for Ibiza in 2012?

“We´re doing a little bit of ‘whoring around’ this year, Wednesdays at Ushuaia with SHM & Size Matters during the day and Subliminal at Pacha at night as well as the legendary CREAM thursdays at Amnesia! Also planning on doing a free ‘People Of The Night’ show somewhere on the island…”

What gives you the most pleasure from your job?

“Playing our music for a crowd who loves it. There´s no better feeling then the first time you play the song and the whole place blows up!!”

Who were the early musical influences you were listening to growing up that sent you towards EDM?

“Of course the obviosu ones like Daft Punk, and of course all the Swedish boyz from SHM!  But Its more about other genres as well that give us a shipload of influence.  If it sounds different and cool we are all for it.”

Greatest record you have ever played to a dancefloor?

“Lets hope its going to be something off of our album.”

Tell us about some of the non EDM music you listen to away from the studio – what we would be surprised to know you like?

“Usually don’t listen to house music, get more inspiration from listening to artists like Miike Snow, M83 & Apparat.”

What is each other’s most annoying habit?

“I have to say that Max just started to getting addicted to wearing sunglasses…I have a feeling he even sleeps with them!! HAHA yeah I think the worst part about long traveling is being a bit grumpy a lot, and Antoine is definitely the king of mood swings when he is tired.”

Best club you have ever played at?

“There´s too many to even remember!  But lately it has been Amnesia Cream parties in Ibiza!”

What has been the craziest ever request from a fan whilst you have been DJing?

“Well for Max its always asking for the hat at every show, but other than that we definitely had some crazy ass offers from people if we played a particular record…and I don’t mean cash offers.”

It’s your birthday party – who are the 6 celebrities dead or alive you invite for dinner, and which 2 DJs would you ask to spin at the after party?

“It has to be a group of people that love to go loose, not some stuck up stars.  Would definitely love to have Daft Punk spinning tho, other than that loads of rock stars that know how to have a good time, I think we will stay away from Hollywood for sure…too much drama.”

Who brings what to the studio – in other words, who is great at what?

“We are both great at bitching and complaining a lot, but I guess that’s why we get shit done the right way.  We are never happy with our music, and work that shit till its ace.”

Who were your early DJ heroes?

“Didn’t really have DJ heroes, more producer heroes I guess.  I mean we keep coming back to Daft Punk of course, but its the obvious one for our generation.  They were such a groundbreaker in electronic music for all of us.  But when we were starting out all the big names were heroes technically, they were untouchable to us…and now we work within the same circle.  Its a crazy ass feeling.”

And finally – what is the next project studio wise from you two?

“After the album is released we are going to focus on creativity mainly and sort of exploring within new sounds.  There are so many things we want to try and experiment with, I think the possibilities are endless at this point!”

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