Back To Mine With Demsky

Lessons of love, understanding, choices, perseverance, and adaptability are some of the themes that comprise Demsky’s singular sound. A Canadian beatmaker based in Tokyo, Demksy has quickly gained momentum with his captivating ambient and downtempo soundscapes in Japan and Europe.

‘Continuum’ is the lead single release taken from his forthcoming ‘As Your Hear Beats EP’, which drops in early 2024. The single sees Demsky flex the more club-focussed side of his production capabilities, where as the rest of the EP leans towards electronica, jazz, ambient, techno and downtempo vibes. DMCWorld goes back to mine with Demsky.

Mounika – I Need Space

I first got into Mounika after hearing his music surprisingly on a food fighters Youtube channel. He has great spatial awareness and knows how to make minimalism sound rich.

Mounika. - I need space (full album)

Chassol – Indiamore

A French Jazz musician who took samples from his teenage years in India and turned them into lush jazzy pop sounds over four movements.

Chassol - Indiamore (Full movie)

Błoto – Kwasy i zasady

Jazz improv that I came across while touring in Poland. It’s funky offering big beats to leave you wanting more.

Błoto – Kwasy i zasady (2021)

Medeski Martin & Wood – Friday Afternoon In The Universe

This always reminds me of when I saw them at Bonnaroo doing a late night set with Antibalas. Their atonal sounds will leave you feeling uncomfortable and questioning the things around you and then out of nowhere, it’ll slowly transition into the grimiest beat. It’s a mushroom trip in and of itself.

Bonobo – Black Sands

This is one of my favourite albums of all time. It’s probably one of the albums that got me thinking about playing my music live. The cover propels me into the mountains and forest searching for enlightenment and growth.

Bonobo - Black Sands || Full Album || 432.001Hz || HQ || 2010 ||

Young Fathers – Heavy Heavy

This album has that fun punk noise pop sound with a body of neo soul at its foundation. It’s very hard for an artist to remain consistent throughout all albums and still manage to grow and challenge all aspects of his sound. This album is just one of many great chapters from him.

Young Fathers - Heavy Heavy (Full Album) 2023

Common – Like Water For Chocolate

My favourite album of all time. It’s a fine wine that ages gracefully. It’s that novel by the fireplace. It’s the questions, y’all. It’s the C-O-Double M-O- to the N.

Common - Like Water for Chocolate (FULL ALBUM)

Benoit B – Kismet

If you are winding down from the club or a big night out, go to a friend’s place, pop this on and have some dope conversations over these ambient sounds.

Nicolas Jaar 2012–2017

Some Kind Of Game reminds me a lot of my track Continuum. This constant moving beat that sounds like it’s ever growing or turning like the cogs in a watch.

Against All Logic - This Old House Is All I Have

Katarzia – n5

I met this Czech singer in Prague when I was on tour. She was practicing in the same space I was playing at that night. This album was her transition from pop into a more electronic ambient sound. Very beautiful.