Back To Mine With Dense & Pika

Dense & Pika are a British electronic production/artist/DJ duo compromising of producer/DJs Alex Jones (Hypercolour label boss) and Chris Spero better known to many by his Glimpse alias. As their new single ‘Bugz’ drops on Armada Music, DMCWorld goes back to mine with Dense & Pika.

Coleen – Breakaway

This is such a great idea and so beautifully executed. Simplicity in its purist form. Hypnotic silky vocals that repeat sending the listener into a trancelike state.  One of the hardest records to get right.  We have started many techno sets with this as well.

Colleen - Break Away

The Durutti Column  – Requiem Again

I have long been a huge fan of Durutti Column so its hard to find a fav. For me this is his undisputed master piece. Many times it has been replicated but never beaten. Originally written in 1989 when this kind of production technique was in its infancy. Dripping in emotion and simplicity. Easily one of my fav records ever written.

The Durutti Column - Requiem again

Talk Talk – I Believe

This is another one of my other fav records. Talk Talk had huge commercial success prior to this album with hits like ‘It’s my life’.  The story goes that they where given a sizeable advance by their label and sent away to write a huge pop LP.  They then came back to the label after a few years with the album ‘Spirit of Eden’ Needless to say the label hated it and almost turned it down. It has since gone down as a cult album and their most popular. ‘I Believe In You’ is the undisputed understated master piece on that album.

Talk Talk - I BELIEVE IN YOU - 1988

John Martyn – Small hours

Am huge fan of blues and John Martyn is one artist who sounds like no one else. This track was written sitting opposite the lake by his house. Made on a slide guitar and a delay pedal. You can hear the sounds of the Geese in the background landing on the lake. Hard to imagine a more perfect record. He only sings two lines in the entire 9 minute song and he makes you wait 7 minutes for them. But when he sings them the song explodes.

John Martyn - Small Hours

Andy Stott – New Romantic

Moving into slightly more electronic territory.  Andy Stott hails from Manchester and is the master of highly textured slo-mo techno / electronica. This track is so unusual and hard to categorize as with most of Andy Stotts music. It has smears of 80’s nostalgia in the melody a great vocal, beautifully distorted 808 drums. Its just perfect for any mood or time of day.  All his albums are brilliant but this is for me head an shoulders above everything else I own in that genre. Simply brilliant music, perfectly executed.

Andy Stott - New Romantic

Tropic of Cancer

This is such a moody other worldly,  vibey record. It puts me in a great mood weirdly every time I hear it.

Tropic Of Cancer - A Color (at Room 205)

Nils Frahm – Went Missing

Hard to imagine doing a list like this without mentioning Nils Frahm. His sprawling vast discography is undeniably impressive. But for me its his simple solo piano playing that moves me the most. This track is recorded live from a concert in 2013. I actually learnt to play it in lockdown as I was so bored. Everything on the label Erased tapes is worth checking.

Nils Frahm - Went Missing

Beumont Hanant – Woven Textures

I was introduced to Beumon Hannant when at art college in 2002. This was written in 1994. Growling of kilter textures over sultry vocals. Utterly timeless and hugely influential early 90s electronica.

Beaumont Hannant - Woven Textures

Michael Kiwanuka – Love & Hate

This guys amazing. I pretty much love and regularly play all his stuff. I was amazed to hear he’s actually from East London.  It’s impossible to be in a bad mood whilst listening to this.

Peter Gabriel – Big Time

Peter Gabriel’s genius needs no introduction. The lyrics on this track are brilliant.

Peter Gabriel - Big Time

Dense & Pika ‘Bugz’ is out now on Armada Music.