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Back To Mine With Frankie Flowerz

Malaysian born, now Berlin resident, Frankie Flowerz (aka Mohan Das), is a globally renowned DJ, producer, event organiser and label owner, embracing a diverse musical spectrum. Frankie Flowerz is one of the masterminds behind Electric Monday, the legendary weekly event at Kitkat Club, Berlin. On the production side, Frankie’s musical works have graced esteemed labels such as Hypercolour, Crosstown Rebels, OM Records, Turbo Recordings and Internasojnal. Frankie has released two full LPs to date – ‘Boyz & Girlz’ (2014) and ‘Tales Form The Living Room’ (2019) on his Funkhausmusic imprint (EST 2001). From Soul, Funk, and Disco to Deep House and Techno, Frankie’s eclectic tastes and unwavering dedication to his craft continue to captivate audiences worldwide, ensuring his legacy as a true pioneer in the global electronic music scene. As he unleashes his third artist album, ‘Nightride’, which also includes some collaborations with the legendary Robert Owens, DMCWorld goes Back To Mine With Frankie Flowerz.

Stevie Wonder – Do I Do

Who doesn’t love this genius? Wonderful vibes, puts a smile on my face every time.

Raphael Saddiq – Something Keeps Calling

Raphael Saddiq is a huge favourite of mine, this caught me immediately upon listening for the first time. His lovely raunchy vocals, the haunting synth pads, basically the whole vibe of the song makes a great listen. Somehow the lyrics seem like its honest.

Raphael Saadiq - Something Keeps Calling (Official Video) ft. Rob Bacon

The Gap Band- Yearning For Your Love

This is the kinda stuff I’d listen to waking up in the morning. it takes me way back  theto 70s. Charlie Wilson’s vocals and feel has always struck me as very special, plus after reading his life story, it kinda made him even more special.

Yearning For Your Love

Fleetwood Mac – Sara

You’ve simply got to love Fleetwood Mac. Stevie Nicks is enchanting,  I love her voice, she’s one of a kind. This tune is just so captivating for me, there’s a lovely snare brush timbre, wonderful chord progression, it’s just perfect.

Fleetwood Mac - Sara (Official Music VIdeo)

Boz Scaggs – Jojo

Boz Scaggs makes absolutely good music – its smooth, classy, timeless and extremely soulful. One of my favourites from his is also the groovy, soulful “Lowdown” from the Middleman LP.

Boz Scaggs - JoJo (Official Video)

Prince  – I Hate You

Nothing musical is ever complete without Prince. No one does it like this fella. His writing, expression and musicianship is insane. This is truly just one of his many masterpieces. It’s about betrayal, and boy does he express it perfectly. “I hate You” – funny thing is listening to this doesn’t make one hate, its exactly the opposite. That guitar solo at the end is perfect. All the anger, hurt is right there. I’ve seen him perform live 5 times and it is truly an experience that will linger on for days – etched in my memory of him.

During one show in Berlin (2002), he stopped between songs and asked the audience if it was better to give or to take. A lady sitting in the front row shouted, “to give”, and Prince said, “OK, you’ve just given up your seat, come up here on stage.“ She sat there watching him play a few songs then Prince stopped again and said to her,  since you said giving is better than taking, this is for you.” He turned to her and played a guitar solo just for her. Now, who thinks of doing that? And all his shows are always different.

Prince - Eye Hate U (Official Music Video)

Victoria Monet – Goodbye

This is really very good, it’s good to know that music like this is still being produced, it’s very old school sounding, nice soulful chord work. Victoria has great tone and Iove the lyrics too.

Victoria Monét - Good Bye (Visualizer)

Average White Band – Got the Love – Live in Montreux 1977

I never believed this was a Scottish band when I first heard them. I truly wished I had seen them live, especially here. They always had this groove going on which always made me move. Extremely tight band too. Nothing “average” about them at all, and this is a masterclass in funk right here!

Average White Band/ got the love / live at montreux 1977

Frankie Flowerz – Groove On 98

This was the first track I actually finished and kept it in the archives for a very long time until OM Records (San Francisco) signed it. It was done in Switzerland where I lived for 8 years, I had just set up my studio and was working on a groove. The thing I’ll never forget about this was how the Rhodes solo came about… I had an appointment with a keyboardist and right as he walked in I was playing this, he went straight to the keys and jammed on it – I pressed “record” and that’s how it happened. Recordings are moments. Some can be very precious.

frankie flowerz -groove on 98 .wmv

Kenny Dixon Jr (aka Moodymann) – Winter Breeze

This is a haunting, deep, funky favourite of mine. I actually opened up their very first show here in Berlin in 2000 during their 3 Chairs Tour. The Line-up was Moodymann, Theo Parrish, Malik Pitmann and Rick Wilhite. The whole Detroit Deep house crew made their debut in Berlin and this vibe triggers that moment. It’s worth mentioning that Kenny had this thing about not revealing his face to the audience back then, (something like Miles Davies when he used to play with his back facing the audience). On this evening though, he had a huge curtain covering the view from the DJ to the dance floor. I did the opening and suddenly that curtain fell downand I saw the floor was jam packed. Then the people, upon realizing that the curtain had fallen down, simply went ecstatic and were screaming in joy, probably thinking I was Kenny. That was kinda funny!

Kenny Dixon Jnr.Winter Breeze.Soul City Records...

Frankie Flowerz  ‘Nightride’ Album is out now on Funkhausmusic.