Back To Mine With Gene Richards Jr

Gene Richards Jr was raised in Canada but is now based in Tel Aviv. He has been making moves in the European underground since 2020 when he debuted on Marco Farone’s UNCAGED label. Top tunes have followed on Rekids and Truncate’s WRKTRX, and each one has showcased his knack for detailed sound design and potent techno grooves. As his ‘Ge That Ep’ drops on Lady Tazz’s Mind Medizin label with a remix from Chlär & Chontane, DMCWorld goes back to mine with Gene Richards Jr.

K-OS – Superstarr Pt. Zero
I grew up in Toronto and Canadian Hip Hop was always a big inspiration for me.

K-Os - Superstarr Pt. Zero (Official Video HD)(Audio HD)

Rascalz – Top Of The World feat. Barrington Levy
Another classic hit from my past, this track is the essence of Hip Hop.

Rascalz Feat. Barrington Levy & K-Os - Top Of The World

The Jimmy Castor Bunch – It’s Just Begun
Classic funk from my B-Boy days.

The Jimmy Castor Bunch - It's Just Begun

Incredible Bongo Band – Apache
Another favourite of mine from the early 2000’s, I would lose my shit when this was played.

Incredible Bongo Band – Apache

Viktor Vaughn – Vaudeville Villain
Doom is the best thing that could have happened to Hip Hop, he was a way to introduce Hip Hop to my son and start a record collection for him.

Vaudeville Villain

The Beatnuts – No Escaping This
Another hit that I loved from back in the day.

The Beatnuts - No Escapin' This

J Dilla – Yesterday
Dilla is God!

Roc Marciano – No Love
I’m obsessed with Roc Marciano.

Roc Marciano - No Love Ft. Knowledge The Pirate (Prod. Roc Marciano)

DJ Funk – Work Dat Body
My whole life changed when I was introduced to Dance Mania Records.

DJ FUNK "Work That Body" DANCE MANIA 070

Dj Shadow – Organ Donor
DJ Shadow is not human.

DJ Shadow - The Organ Donor - Official Video [HD]

Gene Richards Jr ‘Get That EP’ is out now on Mind Medizin.