Back To Mine with Ghetto Priest

Ghetto Priest is one of the most flamboyant and creative performers to have emerged from the UK Reggae scene. He honed his vocal talents and artistic persona around the sound system dances of the early 80’s, before beginning his illustrious recording career. In 2004 Ghetto Priest released his critically acclaimed debut album with producer Adrian Sherwood (On U Sound), titled “Vulture Culture”. He then went on to record lead vocals for Dub / Punk / Rock outfit Asian Dub Foundation on their hit album ‘Enemy Of The Enemy’ and ‘TANK’, touring the globe as the front man of the group. Showing no signs of slowing down any time soon, with his awesome new single with D.Foe, ‘Who You Gonna Run To’, dropping on Ramrock Red Records, DMCWorld go back to mine with the legendary Ghetto Priest!

Prince Lincoln & The Royal Rasses – Love The Way It Should Be

This track takes me back to days when I first started raving, when I had to sneak out of my bedroom window when my parents were sleeping. I was entertained by the local sound system at the time, “Sir Lord Emperor”, at a place called “Friday Club”, Stoke Newington, Hackney.

THE ROYAL RAS-ES - Love The Way It Should Be [1976]

Prince Lincoln & The Royal Rasses – Unconventional People

This track taken from the album “Humanity” by Prince Lincoln & The Royal Rasses. Back in the day when I was buying  vinyl LPs, I remember coming across this album and what caught my eye at the time was the album cover. Through this album, I was introduced to the operatic voice of Prince Lincoln.

The Royal Rasses – Unconventional People (Ballistic Records) 1978

Junior Murvin – Police & Thieves

This reminds me of the times of leaving secondary school and going out into the adult world. At the time, the infamous “Sus” law was in effect and this track reflects those times for me.

Junior Murvin - Police & Thieves 7"

James Brown – I Got Ants in My Pants Part 1

As a youth, I used to go through my dad’s vinyl selection and this track by the OG of funk/soul/music, James Brown, made me feel like I had ants in my pants. I had to dance.

James Brown - I Got Ants In My Pants Part 1

Sam Cooke – A Change Is Gonna Come

Every Sunday without fail, this song was on rotation in my home growing up. At the time of listening, I remember it being so visual, compelling the listener to be still. One of those songs that takes you on a journey into lives of the unfortunate, with a vision.

Sam Cooke - A change is gonna come - 1963

Nat King Cole – Nature Boy

Nat King Cole, the voice, second to none! I would love to have had King Cole sing my life story.

Nat King Cole – Smile

For a long while, I thought this song was written by the great man himself. When I found out it was written by Charlie Chaplin, I was blown away.  It showed me the humanity in the being known as Charlie Chaplin.

Smile (Remastered)

Dennis Brow – Oh Mother

A classic from outta JamRock (Jamaica), from one of its greatest voices, the great Dennis Brown. A beautifully written song, from a son to his mother.

Dennis Brown - Oh Mother

Bob Marley – Ride Natty Ride

Takes me back to when I threw the razor & the comb away – An encouraging song for me, at that time in my life.

Ride Natty Ride - Bob Marley

Ghetto Priest x D.Foe – Who You Gonna Run To (North Street West Vocal Remix)

When I wrote this song, there was no genre attached to it apart from a demo drum beat I put together. Then I passed it onto D.Foe who crafted a magic environment around my vocal. Just when I thought it was over – here comes the North Street West Vocal Remix.

Ghetto Priest x D.Foe - Who You Gonna Run To (North Street West Vocal Remix)


Ghetto Priest x D.Foe – Who You Gonna Run To is out now on Ramrock Red Records.