Back To Mine With HOLT 

HOLT is a London-based artist and multi-instrumentalist who crafts otherworldly tunes by blending her layered vocals with electronic beats and cinematic soundscapes. Echoing the infectious electronic pop of artists like Roisin Murphy and Alison Goldfrapp, her first single of 2024 is The Storm. Boasting an immediate and instant sound, the sharply edited vocals form abstract sections, while a robust bassline contrasts with the direct yet intimate vocals. With the single out now and an album scheduled for later in the year, DMCWorld goes Back To Mine with HOLT.

Nils Frahm – Says

The build on this is so so wonderful.  When the final release comes three quarters of the way through –   utterly spellbinding. I was lucky enough to see Nils Frahm at the Barbican back in 2018 and it’s no exaggeration to say it was the best live music event I’ve ever been to (and I’ve been to a lot).

Nils Frahm - Says (Official Music Video)

March Pritchard and Thom Yorke

This is my favourite Thom Yorke collaboration. There’s something quite other worldy about the looped flute and gentle synth – and I love the production on Thom Yorke’s vocal.

Mark Pritchard - Beautiful People (Official Video) ft. Thom Yorke

Pumarosa – Priestess

This is such a vibe of a track. The vocals contrast perfectly with the banging bassline and guitar riff. The “you dance” lyric is an intoxicating invitation! The video was a bit of an inspiration for The Storm video – lots of abstract and contemporary dance and generally throwing yourself about.

Christian Loffler – Mt Grace

I saw Christian Loffler supporting Kiasmos back in 2018 and remember being completely bowled over by this track. I got up early the next day to find it and was very chuffed when I did. I love the organic textures  he uses and the pulsating synth.

Christian Löffler - Mt. Grace

Bjork – Hyperballad

This is a track that requires absolutely no introduction. Lyrically so morbid, musically so melodic.

björk - hyperballad

Philip Glass – Mishima (closing)

THE most beautiful strings – the soaring, soulful melody is so timeless. This Kronos Quartet version is particularly beautiful.

Leon Vynehall – Time

Beautiful and melodic, with some gentle pace, for a perfect back to mine vibe. Afterlife played this at Printworks and everyone in the crowd stopped – very special indeed.

Enya – Boadicea

Such a haunting piece of music. Enya’s vocals still sound so interesting and so unique – distinctively hers.

Mario and Vidis feat Ernesto – Changed

I first heard this track on a DJ Phono mix (whose Time Won’t Let us Stop would be in my top 10 Back to Mine tracks if I could find it….). The wonky bass, the ethereal vocals, the way the beats come in gradually.  Perfect.

Mario & Vidis Feat. Ernesto- Changed (Original Mix).wmv

Aphex Twin – Alberto Balsam

Aphex Twin is capable of making the most experimental, progressive, nosebleedy sounds – but is also able to create very simple, very beautiful tracks like this. I love his whole spectrum but this track stands out for me in its pared back production.

HOLT ‘The Storm’ is out now on AWAL