Back To Mine with Houzie Killa

Fresh Take continue their outrageously hot streak with two tracks of funk-heavy, disco-tinged house music from Spanish producer Houzzie Killa. With his Lonely Heart EP out now, here he talks us through his selections for Back To Mine.

Stupid Child – Nothing Like Old School (Original Mix)

Stupid Child - Nothing Like Oldschool

One of my favourite tracks from my friends from the Valencian label Miura Records. It takes you back to the 90’s without leaving aside the power of the House of the new generations.

Jus Tadi – It’s Alright (Original Mix)

One of the last references of my brothers from the Hustler Trax label. As always, great tracks, plus I really respect Just Tadi’s work.

Makèz – Roselane (feat. Fouk)

Makèz - Roselane (feat. Fouk)

The progression of this track is incredible, the journey through the frequencies creates a track that is tireless to listen to. Makez + Fouk = Bomb.

Brooklyn Baby – Hold It On


Well, that’s why I got hooked on Fresh Take Records. A real blast of a track and the whole EP is pure fire.

Houzzie Killa – Diaphanous

I think this might be one of the most dancefloor-friendly tracks I’ve ever produced. One day I decided to make a track that was pleasing to the ear, with a lot of groove and at 133 bpm. This is the result. Also, releasing it via Closer to Truth was an honour for me.

Mr. G – Lights (G’s Out Dub)

It’s not just a dancefloor banger, no matter what time of day you listen to it. You can feel the adrenaline pumping through your body as the progression of the track grows. One of my all time favourites.

Bernardo Mota – Juicy

Bernardo Mota - Juicy


Bernardo Mota is a cracker. The bassline of this track is brutal. It fills me with motivation, it makes me dance by instinct.

Austin Ato – Susana (Original Mix)


This song is super fun. I would never have considered sampling this artist from a Spanish cult era. 10/10 for Austin Ato.

Simon Hinter – Classic Route (Original Mix)

Here Simon Hinter takes us to the planet of nostalgia and happiness, the continuous tambourine introduces us to a bright atmosphere that turns into many colours thanks to the instrumental part. Perfect song to take you to the skies in the last hours of the party, the first hours of the morning.

Jack J – Something (On My Mind)

Jack J - Something (On My Mind) [MH007]

Oh my god… this song is the most wonderful thing ever.


Lonely Heart is out now on Fresh Take Records:

Houzzie Killa - Lonely Heart