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Back To Mine with kiskadee

kiskadee is the moniker of Jack Chown, a producer and composer based in London who has previously collaborated with artists such as Benjamin Francis Leftwich and Tycho Jones, and worked as an engineer for the likes of Jessie Ware, M.I.A and HAELOS. As kiskadee he produces deeply affecting electronic music, capturing sounds from his surroundings and transforming them into bittersweet but ultimately uplifting soundscapes that reflect his own experiences in a highly relatable way. As his brilliant new ‘Believe In Love’ EP drops, DMCWorld go back to mine with kiskadee.

kiskadee – Hypna

Gotta start with a shameless self-plug – but I think also a great place to start after a night out, ambient beats to bring the energy down a little as the night wears on.

kiskadee - Hypna (live sunset session)

Surv – Je k’abere

Just love the bass and percussion in this, the fills etc. it’s so infectious.

WhoMadeWho – Abu Simbel (Hania Rani Invalides Version)

I really enjoyed the original version of this but Hania Rani’s version just takes it to a whole other level. So soothing and beautiful, I could never have imagined a version like this – which i guess is usually the best kind of cover/remix/re-work.

WhoMadeWho - Abu Simbel (Hania Rani Invalides Version) (live version)

Nosaj Thing – Continua (feat. Duval Timothy)

This whole album is incredible, I’m more of an album person actually. This track stands out in particular, those jazz triads are so beautiful and pretty unusual for electronic music I guess!

Haelos – Noctis

I’m pretty sure this was a lockdown release…just love the sound design and flow to this, so effortless.

Talk Talk – The Rainbow

I used to work as an engineer in a studio and it was amazing how many artists of all background and genres cited this album (Spirit of Eden) as an influence. This track stands out in particular, so dreamy.

The Rainbow (1997 Remaster)

Juno Mamba – Slow Malady

Another dreamy track, if i haven’t sent everyone to sleep by now haha Juno Mamba is an Australian artist i’ve been following for a while now. He’s just signed to anjunadeep and does more beats-driven music like you’d expect but I think this track is stunning. The arp kind of reminds me of some old bach fugue or something, so clever.

Juno Mamba - Slow Malady (Official Video)

John Martyn – Small Hours

I used to listen to this all the time, lovely to re-discover it putting this playlist together. I’m pretty sure he recorded it in one take outside, if you listen carefully you can hear the birds in the background but that voice, wow.

John Martyn - Small Hours

Nils Frahm – Says

Another 9 minute track, woops! Oh well, at least I won’t have to get up to change it often…I love how this one grows and how human the synths feel, beautiful and dynamic.

Nils Frahm - Says (Official Music Video)

Max Richter – Spring 1 – Levitation Mix

This is a recent re-work of Spring 1 which is pretty trippy and probably when I realise it’s time for bed…

Richter: Spring 1 (Levitation Mix)

kiskadee – Believe In Love EP is out 24th February 2023.