Back To Mine With Love Injection

Love Injection is a DJ partnership, production duo, a publication, a radio show and a record label. Barbie Bertisch and Paul Raffaele, aka Love Injection, host a weekly radio show on NYC’s The Lot Radio, as well as running their popular print fanzine, now in its 9th year. As the latest release Jennifer Vanilla ‘Jennifer Pastoral’ (Incl. Love Injection Remixes) drops on their record label, with support from Gilles Peterson, Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy, François K, and more, DMCWorld goes Back To Mine with Love Injection.

Electribe 101 – Heading For The Night (Frankie Knuckles Pianopella)

‘Heading For The Night’ was considered for single release in late 1990, but ‘Inside Out’ was released instead. Because ‘Inside Out’ didn’t do too well, ‘Heading For The Night’ and the remixes were shelved until Billie Ray Martin self released it recently on Bandcamp. Billie recounts, “Frankie Knuckles had already done such an incredible job with ‘Talking with Myself’ and he was so smitten with ‘Heading for the Night’ and enjoyed mixing it so much that he did seven mixes, each one brilliant and soulful in their own way.” This was about a year later than Frankie’s remix of Womack and Womack’s ‘Missing Person’s Bureau’, so what the Folk Version is to MPB, the Pianopella is to HFTN.

Heading for the Night (Pianopella)

JIM – The Ballad of San Marino

Jim Baron’s solo debut album was one of our favorites last year. Hard to top but this joint remix by Bill Brewster x Ray Mang keeps the essence of the original but takes it on a winding coastal journey.

The Ballad of San Marino (Mang Dynasty Remix)

North Satellite – The Stars Are Ours

Excited to hear remixes of one of our favorite releases of recent times by North Satellite. This one’s by 1/2 of Idjut Boys Conrad McDonnell, who delivers on the notion that two dubs are better than one!

The Stars Are Ours (Conrado's VOXDUB)

Musclecars – Running Out Of Time

One of the biggest albums of the year is upon us. We might be biased because it was made by two of our closest friends, but having heard it through the process of it being made, and now in it’s final form we are just so insanely proud of Craig and Brandon and excited for what’s to come for them. Running Out Of Time is the first single, and the full album is out May 17 via London’s BBE.

musclecars - RUNNING OUT OF TIME

Operator Music Band – As It Goes

A favorite, recent Toribio remix. It’s got that classic papi wonky synth and driving energy, that classic Toribio percussion. We love to see an NYC cross-genre connection and this one’s certainly one of them.

As It Goes (Toribio Remix)

Jennifer Vanilla – Jennifer Pastoral (Love Injection’s Celestial Remix)

An ambient take on our recent remix for Jennifer Vanilla, aka Kye Grant and Brian Abelson. In the absence of the drums on the ‘Earthly Mix’, this version is really carried by Toribio’s keyboard performance – a lot of people noted how it fits well at the end of a club night which we completely agree with. We were lucky to work with two folks we have long admired in post production: Dave Darlington on the mixdown and Françios Kevorkian on the mastering. They polished it up very nicely and we are excited to have it out in the world both as a 12-inch as well as digitally.

Jennifer Pastoral (Love Injection's Celestial Mix)

Los Hermanos ft. Ian O’Brien – Family (Extended Remix)

Gerald Mitchell revisits a title from his 2011 album Family Property, entitled ‘Family’.  Gerald and collaborator Ian O’Brien recorded this anthemic extended take while in Tokyo, and is being released via Italy’s Mother Tongue Records.

Los Hermanos Feat Ian O'Brien Live @ Contact 2019.12.5 Part 4

Ron Trent – Magic Carnival

A tune that has turned our head every single time we’ve heard it played, way before we even knew what it was. Finally released on Ron and Joaquin ‘Joe’ Claussell’s new Sacred Medicine label, this deep, timeless groove will be uplifting dance floors for years to come.

Ron Trent, Magic Carnival

Scott Grooves – Liberian Girl

Scott says, “Over the years I’ve learned a lot about electronic music, synths, drum machines etc. but ultimately can’t replace that feeling of what it’s like to work with some of the best talent in my own back yard musician wise. The ‘Liberian Girl’ session was one of the best recording sessions I’ve been a part of. And that energy is passed through the opaque, white 7”, and on to the listener.” A live session of the Michael Jackson-penned tune featuring the musicians Rob Pipho, Pathe Jassi, Sasha Kashperko, Ian Fink and Alex White. Written by Scott Grooves and vocals by Braxton Davis.

Scott Grooves – Liberian Girl

Yasushi Ide – A Place In The Sun (Dub)

One for the comedown. We released this rarity by respected Japanese producer, archivist and compiler, Yasushi Ide, on our Love Injection label last year and it continues to find new life in our playlists.

Yasushi Ide - A Place In The Sun (Dub Version) (Official Audio)

Jennifer Vanilla ‘Jennifer Pastoral’ (Incl. Love Injection Remixes) is out now on Love Injection Records.