Back To Mine With Mistier

Mistier is a visionary music and visual art project that features the soul-stirring beats, heartfelt lyrics, and captivating vocals of Andre Mistier. Supported by a talented collective of visual and music creators, Mistier aims to transmit spiritually-minded dance music that not only resonates with the soul but also transports listeners to new realms of consciousness. Helping to shape the musical soundscape for the project, co-producers Anthony Fonseca (aka Fonseca 72) and Anton Bass have manifested a potent chemistry with Andre Mistier to produce an ongoing string of compelling releases. DMCWorld goes Back To Mine with Mistier.

Andre Mistier

David Bowie – Blackstar

One of the greatest artists of the last 100 years writing near his death about mortality and his legacy.  There really isn’t any song I’ve ever heard that is in a similar place as this one. It’s beautiful, groovy, heart-rending, socially-conscious, and transports you to a distant planet.

David Bowie - Blackstar (Video)

The Angels, Shrii, Pauza – Feeling Good (Pauza radio edit)

An Afro house cover of Nina Simone?!? It’s awesome in every way- the groove, the singing, the arrangement. It’s very much its own track not just a cover.

Feeling Good (PAUZA Radio Edit)

Johnny Cash – Hurt

One of my all-time favorite songs in its original and a truly remarkable cover. The video as well is so powerful- especially when you know he made it a few months after his wife passed away. I have cried every time I’ve watched it.

Johnny Cash - Hurt

Camelphat – Compute

If there’s a seedy bar in Star Wars, there are definitely clubs. This definitely plays there. Infectious groove from the future.

CAMELPHAT & Ali Love - Compute

Anton Bass

Madonna – Drowned  World / Substitute for Love (original album version)

This song is the beautiful intro track to Madonna’s “Ray of Light” album which is an absolute masterpiece produced by William Orbit. From start to finish this album flows masterfully with sonic bliss!

Madonna - Drowned World / Substitute For Love (Official Video)

Monkey Safari – Safe (original)

This song resonates deeply between me and my girlfriend. During the pandemic we fell even more in love as this song played. The rhythm, chords, and vocal drip with emotion. Even beyond our pandemic bubble I still drop this song in sets and am reminded of our profound connection.

Monkey Safari - Safe

Maxwell – Ascension (original album version)

A perfect blend of groove, ambiance and heart-melting vocals! This entire album is iconic. The sustained vocal note Maxwell hits in the intro is sublime. Perfect late night chill listening, especially to set a sensual mood. A sure-fire sonic aphrodisiac!

Maxwell - Ascension (Don't Ever Wonder) (Official 4K Video)

Fonseca 72

Cannons – Fire For You

Discovered this band a couple years ago.  Their dreamy dance vibes always set the right mood. And the lyrics to this song paint the perfect picture of that thin line between love and obsession.

Cannons - Fire for You (Official Video)

Prince – When Doves Cry

This song, album and film changed the trajectory of my life. Music became my biggest focus and till this day the lyrics connect with me on the most personal level.

Prince & The Revolution - When Doves Cry (Official Music Video)

Leisure – Slipping Away

This song and band are a total vibe! Their funky silky sounds always create a chill and sexy environment to chill too.

Mistier ‘Headspace’ (OFFIAH Remix) is released on February 16th 2024 Mistier Music.