Back to Mine With Seddig

Germany’s Seddig grew up in a drum & bass heartland but soon got turned onto house and techno. He infuses his work with rich sound designs and field recordings and now has a signature sound that is dark, melancholic and hard to define. It has come on labels like Clap Your Hands and Mo’s Ferry and now Lady Tazz’s kinky Mind Medizin. As his ‘From the Skewers’ EP featuring a remix from Michael Klein drops this week, DMCWorld goes back to mine with Seddig.

Hi Tek 3 – Spin That Wheel

My first record ever. It’s from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles OST from 1990 and explains a lot. Five year old me used to dance to this in front of the mirror in the living room like a maniac. Full on vogue and running man mode without having any clue about House and it’s culture!

Hi Tek 3 - Spin That Wheel (original 1989 video)

Mr. White – The Sun Can’t Compare

A timeless early morning beauty with an interesting and somehow unique relationship between the vocal and the acid line. Special, melancholic, uplifting, no bullshit – Larry Heard. The sun will never leave my recordbag.

Larry Heard Presents Mr. White: The Sun Can't Compare (Long Version)

STL – Silent State

I had a eureka moment with this one on a rooftop in Nepal. This masterpiece has so much going on on a very subtle level. Nothing to skip through. You have to embrace the journey. Also incredible how ridiculously fast techno has become since then.

STL - Silent State

Dj Die – Drop Bear

Drop Bear (among many other tracks of course) has everything I got excited about in drum’n’bass in it’s golden years around the millenium. Timeless! To me Drop Bear is the incorporation of futuristic warmth with an undeniable power, yet it’s cool and trippy. I miss laid out, loopy productions like this in the genre that has become a firework of very fast mixes and double drop overkill.

Drop Bear (Remastered)

Engineers Without Fears – Spiritual Aura

Everytime I hear this in an old jungle set I’m stunned how much this stands out from everything else that was released in that period. You can feel how the whole atmosphere explodes into euphoria once it’s peeled out from the mix. An epiphany of beauty.

Spiritual Aura Engineers Without Fears Original Mix 1993 PROPA TALENT

Midnight Star – The Midas Touch (Hell Interface Remix)

This remix gives me shivers! The experimental alias of Boards Of Canada turned this funky classic into a weird, powerful, melancholic sex machine! I’m still looking for the record cause it’s quite rare. Love the video, too!

The Midas Touch (Hell Interface remix)

A$AP Rocky – Wassup

A game changer for me. I had mostly ignored Hip Hop since the mid 2000’s because gradually productions mostly felt so uninspired compared to other genres. Then out of nowhere I was blown away by the freshness and the beautiful sound design, the rap style, the fashion. Everything felt so unpretentious, modern and promising again. A$AP Rocky, Kendrick Lamar and OFWG among others rescued Hip Hop for me personally.

A$AP Rocky - "Wassup" (Official Video)

Fever Ray – Concrete Walls

I used to listen a lot to Trip Hop related stuff in the 90s like Massive Attack, Portishead, Tricky and Björk. Although music historically I would never put Fever Ray in the same category but for me it’s the same quality of melancholic beauty and the same field of tension between heavy, next level beats and precious vocals. I’d put the album in my top ten all time.

Fever Ray- Concrete Walls

Drab Majesty – Unknown To The I

It’s hard for me to pick a representative Drab majesty song. Andrew Clinco is a genius. He’s got the Midas touch. Usually I hate three-four time but this song is special. It’s about the ever repeating, beautiful and scary circle of drug use. ‘Soon we will fall from the sky’ gets me every time. I listen a lot to Dark/Synth/Cold wave Post Punk you know whatever stuff. It’s such a likeable and unpretentious scene.

Drab Majesty - "Unknown To The I" (Official Music Video)

Dieselboy & Technical Itch – Atlantic State

That record’s got some scratches as this has to be my favourite drum’n’bass tune of all time, if I had to pick one! The incredible atmosphere, the sound design, the breathing groove, the drum layers – just magical, breathing coherence! The tune was so ahead of it’s time in 1999. I’m still discovering new things after 24 years. Just realised that there is a subtle moan around 2:20. One for the steppers! Reeeelooooaaad!

Dieselboy & Technical Itch - Atlantic State (DnB)

Seddig ‘From the Skewers’ is out June 9th 2023 on Mind Medizin.