Back to Mine with Takiru

Whether making Indie Dance, House or Melodic Electronic, Takiru brings his classical piano and guitar skills to his work. His enchanting atmospheres and unique melodies come on labels like Camel Rides and Asymmetric Records and with Mosko and Dor Reuveni he runs the 2030 Music label. Previous tunes have had support from big names like Solomun and Ame and now he comes through with two more gems. As his new single, ‘Much To Love’, drops on Stripped Down Records, DMCWorld go Back To Mine with Takiru…

Lindstorm – I Feel Space

Lindstrom - I Feel Space (Original Version)

The ongoing synth sequence together with that stretched timed melody is just the kind of music that gives me inspiration.

40 Thieves – Don’t Turn It Off feat. Qzen

Don't Turn It off (Feat. Qzen)

Sexy vibe, live percussion, and smooth vocals, perfect for almost every situation.

Infected Mushroom – Heavyweight

Infected Mushroom - Heavyweight

A journey, a quest of timeless harmonics, fulfilling guitar melodies. Something in this 10-minute track always gives me the power to continue doing what I’m doing in life.

165 million + Interest

$165 Million Plus Interest (Ocean's Twelve OST) 2/16

Taken from my fav movie – Ocean’s Twelve, the mysterious vibe and harmonic minor scale give this track a cunning smile.

Pional – Amnesia

Pional - Invisible/Amenaza

This tune has everything – a precise and simple groove, full harmonies , gentle vocal and superb arrangement.

Toni Lionni – Found A Place

Tony Lionni - Found a place

I was always drawn to two or three chords tracks, something about this simple ongoing chord progression by Toni just keeps the mellow vibe.

Ornella Vanoni – L’Appuntamento

Ornella Vanoni - L'Appuntamento

Also taken from Ocean’s Twelve, Italian gentle classic guitars and 60’s strings keep me calm.

Anna Mooly – Incubus

Incubus - Anna Molly

I was always drawn to guitar chord rhythms since I was young and this track is probably the reason.

Gui Boratto – The School

Gui Boratto - The School (Live Mixed)

The perfect combination between power and gentleness. That fierce bassline, that eternal harmony. An endless and timeless tune.

Guster – Satellite

Guster - "Satellite" [Best Quality]

Can’t complete this list without a love song. This tune has been with me since my childhood, a head spinning tune.

Takiru ‘Much To Love’ is out now on Stripped Down Records