Back To Mine With The Descendants

Formed in 2016 and very much a ‘family affair’ spanning a generation, ‘The Descendants’ consists of Matt Cooper, Jeff Cooper (Matt’s dad and music business veteran), and Johnny Primed. Matt, Jeff and Johnny have collaborated with musical heavyweights, including the likes of Mazen, Ben Jones, Gary Bardouille, Incognito band members Imaani Saleem and Karl vanden Bossche, Ernie Mckone (Galliano), Nick van Gelder (Jamiroquai) and Marie Dahlstrøm, to name a few. As their new single featuring Mazen Bedwei, ‘Telling Lies’ (incl. North Street West and Laroye & Dan Tenor City Remixes), drops on F*CLR, DMCWorld goes back to mine with The Descendants.

Steve Rachmad Presents Tons Of Tones – Shehezerade Reprise

This piece of Electronic Music gorgeousness is actually part of Andy Weatherall’s ‘Live at Social 3’ Mix which was time & again an afterparty favourite.  The mix ends triumphantly on this track, creating a beautiful, uplifting vibe which ALWAYS leaves everyone feeling great!! Oftentimes  it was also discussed at these sessions that this track is proof that Electronic Music is actually proper music. Really stunning stuff.

Tons Of Tones - Shehezerade Reprise

Carlito – Heaven

(JP) The track that made the penny drop and suddenly D & B became the most brilliant, progressive music on the planet! That was my first after hours experience of this one. It is also part of a mix – “Promised Land Volume 2 by Fabio and Cleveland Watkiss” (who performs live Vocals) & ‘Heaven’ was the standout track (it literally changed everything!!!). I especially love how on the mix version Clevelands vocals blend and become part of the music itself… Totally awesome.

(MC) Not long after we met & started hanging out, JP re-bought it & told me that he had this great mix to play at our next after-session. As it turns out it featured Cleveland whom I was in a band with!!! And with Cleveland featuring heavily over this track on the mix, naturally, it kind of completed the loop & made for really good after party vibes.(Both laughing)… And … Whenever it gets played, we always attempt our best Cleveland impressions over it!

Carlito - Heaven (Official audio) / Creative Source

Jazzanova – The Remixes 1997 – 2000

(JP) I was SO happy when checking out the ‘Back to Mine’ feature that several other Artists had listed Albums and Mixes! I had previously thought that it was cheating to do so, until faced with the massive dilemma of which tracks to leave out – so I went with it… Honestly, there are too many from this album that have been dropped at the after sessions countless times & they’re all brilliant. The standout ones for me are ‘ Karma – High Priestess’ (its evolution and polyrhythms are just genius), ‘Ski – Fifths’ – which I still drop into DJ sets from time to time & ‘Marschmellows – Soulpower’.

(MC) For me it has to be ‘Incognito – Get into my Groove’ – not only is it a wicked remix but being part of the Family it’s close to home. Also ‘Azymuth – Amazon Adventure’ – again a brilliant remix. And of one of my all time favourite bands.

[2000] Jazzanova - The Remixes 1997-2000

Pepe Bradock – Deep Burnt

(MC) Conversely from JP I got into House Music after I was into Drum & Bass and when that dropped for me, this became an all time favourite.
(JP) Such a cool, cool Choon.

For both of us this track is after hours sessions perfection and always suits the vibe. And is arguably one of the best uses of a Jazz sample ever!

Pepe Bradock - Deep Burnt

Todd Terje – Strandbar (Disko Version)

(MC) I was on a Sunday morning mission around Borough Market where I heard this amazing track. I immediately thought ‘this is a bit of JP!’ so I Shazamed it right away.

(JP) Next after sesion it absolutely was! And has been a feature of many.

Todd Terje - Strandbar (Disko Version) [HD]

Nova Fronteira – Supernova (Club Mix)

The track where it all began! (both laughing)…

(JP)  I was DJ’ing at some renegade after session and dropped this track (which I often did at the time as wherever I dropped it around the world the result was the same – complete Dancefloor destruction!) . Anyway, this random dude whom I’d seen around earlier as he was a friend of the previous DJ came right up in front of the decks and shouted, ‘that’s Nova Fronteira!’.

(MC) I was just really surprised to hear it in this kind of environment as I’d never heard any other DJ drop it – it’s such a wicked track!

(JP) Next thing I knew, the aforementioned random guy was behind the Turntables. Trouble ensued, and the rest, as they say, is history.

nova fronteira - supernova

Matthias ‘Matty’ Hellbronn – Funky Shit

(MC) If I remember correctly, JP had been out in Croatia for some DJ gigs & whilst out there put together a new mix (that this track features on), which of course he dropped at the next after session. This got at least 2 rewinds. Heavy!

(JP) I’d actually owned this track on vinyl a couple of times and somehow it managed to go walkabout – I guess because it’s such a wicked Choon! So the moment I found it on digital download I bought it again (for keeps this time!) and have been dropping it regularly ever since. It’s brilliant and is always well received by the Headz. I remember this mix playing at the aforementioned after session and MC playing the ‘Air Bass’ to it – classic!

Matthias ''Matty'' Heilbronn - Funky Shit

Johnny Primed & Kiano feat Matt Cooper & Masen – Truth (JP’s and SP’s ‘Can you feel the Truth’ Mix)

(JP) Is it cheating to put one of our own in??? (laughs). The Original Mix of this track with the full Muhamad Ali Vocal (which Kiano and I produced in Opatija, Croatia, then sent it to Matt – in Tuscany at the time – where he added the PIanos) was rinsed at after parties time and again. Just before it was released, for an extra mix I revisited this remix which I’d never properly finished. When I got the masters back, naturally I dropped it at the next after session. It’s tough but laid back vibe is perfect for the late night / early morning. So this version ended up getting rinsed a bit also!

Truth (JP's & SP's & Mazen's 'Can you feel the Truth' Mix)

Outside – To Forgive, But Not Forget

(JP) After  D & B penny had dropped, I soon discovered this seminal track which became a highlight at many an after session… Little did I know that some years later I’d be in a band with Outside (The Descendants) and we’d be doing this  ‘Back to Mine’ interview! Ain’t that a thaang. (laughs).

(MC) It’s cool though because that story gave us the perfect excuse to rewind this track at our after sessions.

Outside - To Forgive, But Not Forget

The Descendants – Telling Lies (North Street West Step Up Dub)

(JP) Are we cheating again??? (laughs)

(MC) I love this remix.On first listen it was great to hear a new and refreshing take on one of ours. Absolutely excellent.

(JP) We actually have an upcoming ‘Back to Mine’ session planned for MC’s Birthday Bash, so no doubt this one will go down brilliantly! Perfect end of night / early morning track – I can’t wait to try it out.

Telling Lies (feat. Mazen Bedwei) (North Street West 'Step up' Dub)

The Descendants ft Mazen Bedwei ‘Telling Lies’ (incl. North Street West and Laroye & Dan Tenor City Remixes) is out now on F*CLR.