Back To Mine With Turbotito & Ragz

Naya Beat continues to champion South Asian musical heritage with the aptly titled ‘Bhangra House Xtc EP’, featuring music from the late great Manjeet Kondal with remixes from Mr. Scruff and new tracks from label heads Filip Nikolic and Raghav Mani, aka Turbotito & Ragz. DMCWorld goes Back To Mine with Turbotito & Ragz.


Wu-Tang Clan – Tearz

When I was around 18 years old, I met this guy who ran a skate shop and had just gotten back from a trip to the United States. He brought home Wu-Tang records, Dr. Pepper soda and other American stuff. He had VHS copies of some of the Shaolin Kung Fu movies they had sampled from and I was fully blown away.

Wu-Tang Clan - Tearz - Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)

Eric Burton & WAR – Tobacco Road

One of my older brother’s party friends had a cassette version of this album in his car. We were on vacation on a small island and he was the only person we knew with a car. Every time we got a ride, we would listen to Eric Burton & WAR or the other cassette which was Patti Smith – Horses. Both albums are still my favourites.

Tobacco Road: Tobacco Road / I Have a Dream / Tobacco Road

Pauline Henry – Love Hangover (Joey Negro Extended Mix)

My favourite disco/funk/house track of all time. Just perfection, works every time.

Pauline Henry – Love Hangover (Joey Negro's Extended Mix)

The Prodigy – Jericho

My first introduction to breakbeat-oriented dance music. This was such a ground-breaking album and still is to this day.

Human League – The Things That Dreams Are Made Of [Original Dub Edit]

Me and my high school band mates were obsessed with Human League so we started buying synthesizers. I just saw them live recently and they are still perfect.

Human League - The Things That Dreams Are Made Of [Original Dub Edit] (Control Room Recordings)


William Orbit – Strange Cargo 3

Perfection from start to finish. Water From A Vine Leaf is timeless.

William Orbit - Water From A Vine Leaf

The Joe Harriott – John Mayer Double Quintet, Indo-Jazz Fusions I&II

My dad’s records played a pretty formative role in my musical education. He loves Jazz and Indian classical music. The various Indo-Jazz suites (released 1966-68) magically combined the two with Jamaican Joe Harriott on sax and Anglo-Indian John Mayer on violin. It was a precursor to so many amazing east-west projects that followed. Growing up as a Swiss-Indian third culture kid, it still really speaks to me.

Spiritualized, Royal Albert Hall, October 10, 1997 Live

I first heard this on a road-trip from my uni in Ann Arbor, Michigan to New York. I hardly knew the guy I was riding with but he would become one my closest friends by the end of that trip. A magical time discovering a new friend and new music. This album really opened my ears. Gospel, drones, modal, free jazz and rock somehow made one. I went back and discovered Spaceman 3 soon after.

Walking with Jesus (Live)

Monsoon – Third Eye

Every song on this album is stellar. You can feel the youth and energy of a band that is in the process of discovery and literally inventing a new genre. Another formative milestone in my east-west education.

You Can't Take Me With You

Change – The Glow Of Love

Lover’s Holiday was my gateway to disco. So many stellar Change songs. This song and this album will always be special.

Change - A Lover's Holiday (extended version)

‘Bhangra House Xtc EP’ is out now on Naya Beat.