Back To Mine With Ustrell

Ustrell is one half of Spanish duo Wow & Flute, known for their releases on Spinnin’ Records, Nervous and Stereo, and their remix work with Danny Tenaglia and DJ Chus, Riki. As Ustrell begins his new solo project with his first release, ‘Runaway’, landing on Lugano-based label 3-4-1 Cuts, DMCWorld goes back to mine with the Barcelona-born maestro.

The Chemical Brothers – Out Of Control

The Chemical Brothers - Out Of Control (Official Music Video)

The track that mixes house and techno in an outstanding way. It brought electronic music to the mainstream without losing its essence and as a music producer, this is one of the most difficult things to achieve.

Mr. Oizo – Monday Massacre

Mr. Oizo-Monday Massacre

This song could last 60 minutes and you would never stop moving. This is the “keep it simple and less is more” track. Also reminds you how important are B-sides.

The Prodigy – Funky Shit

The funkiest sh.t ever 🙂

Moloko – Familiar Feeling

Moloko - Familiar Feeling (Official HD Video)

This is a must have in music history. It’s amazing how Moloko plays with sound moods on this track. Awesome bass lines, guitars, groove, strings, electro elements mixed with a melancholic touch and the incomparable Roisin’s vocals. Nothing can come close to this production. Masterpiece.

Junior Boys – Work

Work - Junior Boys

For the ones who love the SH-101, you can find this sound style everywhere along this track. Every element is perfectly blended and the vocals are just sick. A Road Trip mood track.

Dj Zinc – 138 Trek

DJ Zinc - 138 Trek

The Sound of UK Garage. 7am, cup of coffee, hit play and you’re ready to go.

Boozzoo Bajou – Night Over Manaus

boozoo bajou night over manaus

And this one goes into the history of chill out music. Ausgezeichnet!

The Snake Corps – This is a Seagull

The Snake Corps - This is a Seagull

Magic. How beautiful can an instrumental song be? Definitely Exceptional. Bass, guitars, drums and the never ending uplifting. The perfect mix of all kinds of feelings.

The Space Brothers – Your Place in the World

The space brothers - your place in the world

Slow motion with lots of love. Dark and beautiful.

Tok Tok vs. Sophy O. – Sixpack

Tok Tok vs. Soffy O.- Sixpack


Welcome to the playful techno game.


Ustrell ‘Runaway’ is out now on 3-4-1 Cuts.