Carlo Lio

Interview by Rob Chadwick


What is an average week like for you – do you get chance to do normal things, walk the dog, go to the gym, hang with friends or whatever?

Yes of course. I really try to divide my personal life and my career. Obviously they do intersect but the key is to find a proper balance so one or both doesn’t suffer. I really do make a point to do normal things I used to do more, now that travelling and touring eats up most of my time.

What is your ideal Sunday – after party or chilling at home?

Well, if there is a good after party sometimes it’s hard to say no. But an ideal Sunday after a long weekend of gigs and travels usually consist of a very chilled day. Hanging with my girl or some friends, seeing family, and playing with the cats. Catching a movie or a nice dinner with friends and of course playing catch up and binge watching my shows.

What do you do when travelling to keep sane?

I really should learn a language he he. But yes shows, shows, shows. My iPad keeps me sane. I watch a lot of movies, shows and documentaries.

Carl Cox has been playing your “Type O” tune – how does that feel?

Carl has played a ton of my music for many years now. But every time I see that he plays something new, it feels like the first time! It will always give me butterflies and makes me feel great. Big RESPECT to Carl!

What have been the hardest things to learn in the studio, what takes the longest time to master?

I guess I would have to say the mixing/mastering process. It’s a never ending battle to get the best possible sound. Because in my mind – it can ALWAYS be better!

What inspires or influences you in the studio – the weather, relationships, your DJ sets, certain clubs, or what?

To be honest, all of the above. There isn’t just 1 thing that inspires me. I find and look for it anywhere I can. Music, people, places, good food, beautiful days, cute cats haha. Whatever puts me in a good mood results in inspiration.

You are a regular in Ibiza, do you enjoy playing on the island? Are you looking forward to playing for the first time for the MATERIA party?

I love playing on the island. Especially since I never would have thought to reach a certain level that would allow me to play on the island on a regular basis. So it’s definitely amazing for me. I am super excited to be playing MATERIA. I love the brand, the sound and the artists involved. Most importantly I really love Marco. He’s been a huge inspiration for me since my beginning. So it’s amazing to play alongside one of my long time idols and of course who I can now call a friend!

Will you take time to explore, party, chill, or just in and out to play?

I stay on the island a big chunk of the summer every year. I am here now for 6 weeks, so I definitely will be chilling, attending parties and of course enjoying all the island has to offer.

And what will you plan for the party with Marco Bailey, anything special, what should people expect?

Always expect some new music from me. Will be playing a bunch of new unreleased and unsigned material. Also I’m extra excited because I do play many different styles and with MATERIA I get to play my tougher side.

Your schedule looks packed for the remainder of the summer, is there one gig or release that you have coming up which stands out / looking forward to the most?

As for gigs. Yes there definitely are a few I look very forward to. The Final Chapter with Cox in August is obviously one of them. Bitter sweet to be playing such an amazing party that I won’t get to play anymore. Also a few festivals that I’ll be playing for the first time including Sunwaves, in Romania and SONUS in Croatia are 2 events I can’t wait to rock!

Catch Carlo Lio playing Materia in Ibiza on Sunday 24th of July