Cedric Gervais

Things just got even better for the Miami legend

Cedric, welcome back to DMCWORLD. As I am writing these questions you are DJing in the little city of Pontiac in Michigan – well let’s begin by asking how this crazy little show went…?

“It was amazing, I’m really enjoying playing all ages parties (club law in the US means you need to be over 21 to attend most shows).  It’s a different vibe these kids don’t have as much opportunity to go and see their favourite djs so when they do they go crazy and their energy is incredible, as a dj I feed off the energy the audience make so it just creates an incredible atmosphere.”

The last time we spoke the dust had finally settled on the whole ‘Molly’ experience and you were looking back with a little bemusement at the whole thing. Tell us about some of the highlights of these last 12 months…

“The single campaign was fun we made people sit up and take a bit of notice which was nice, I’ve since released a couple more singles, a couple of remixes, I got to do my 2nd Essential Mix for Radio One which was an honor and I’ve been touring throughout the world. I also got a small part in Michael Bays new film Pain & Gain with Mark Wahlberg which was an amazing experience.”

Miami WMC must seen like a distant memory now. Another year, another change with Ultra taking it two weekends. As a Miami resident, is the Conference actually improving every year…or is it now getting out of hand?

“Every year it seems to get better and better, two weekends made this Miami much longer than usual but it always surprises me at how it continues to grow and grow. This year I had my first WMC Sh!tshow at Story which was off the hook, it was the first show of the week and we kicked it off in true Sh!tshow style !!”

Twelve months on from the record that blew up thanks to an insane marketing drive, you return with another smash in the form of a 2013 rework of ‘Things Can Only Get Better’ with 80s superstar Howard Jones. Well if people thought ‘Molly’ had a great publicity drive behind it, this tune took it the next level as it is the song to launch My Space in America. Let’s rewind a little and tell us how this whole record came about…

“It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while now and I’ve been playing with some ideas and then we had an opportunity to work with Howard and it all just came together.”

Check video : http://cedricgervais.com/2013/05/things-can-only-get-better-video/

Howard is no stranger to the dance world. He is one of the leading exponents of the Roland Fantom G8 and V-piano and has worked on tracks with Eric Prydz and Ferry Corsten. Are there any plans for future work together, what was this experience like?

“I don’t think its something either of us have thought about but never say never, the guys a genius.”

What were your thoughts of the MySpace launch that included 300 taxis, 50 trucks and a plane…

“We got some great friends at MySpace and we were fortunate to have them help with our promotion of the record. We wanted to make an impact at this years WMC we knew it wouldn’t quite have the same impact as the Molly campaign but it was important for me as a Miami resident to push my forthcoming single when the worlds eyes are on my city. It was great it’s a bit of fun you know, and we got people talking about the single.”

You were still wearing in shorts when Howard was making a name for himself in the 80s with tracks like ‘New Song’ and ‘What Is Love’. Casting your mind back, what were some of your most treasured records from that decade?

“I guess the first real band I’d have been listening to was Guns N’ Roses, that was around 87 when Appetite For Destruction came out…then I fell in love with Nirvana, like a lot of people my age.”

What is coming out next from you studio wise…

“After this single I have a couple of club tracks which we’ll be releasing, I also have a couple of collaborations and am working with a couple vocalists so we’re keeping busy.  I’m also in the early stages of getting a record label together so I can start releasing both my own material and tracks from people around me. I’m in a good space and I want to be creating new material for my sets which was always the idea in the first place.”

I know you play a lot of your own productions and roadtest your tracks during sets, but what are some of the tunes you are playing at the moment from other producers…

“I play a lot of records of my friend and upcoming producer CID he has a special sound and makes banging tracks.”

Some interesting summer shows for you coming up. Let’s kick off with your weekend in India and the two shows in Delhi and Mumbai. This country’s club scene is improving year by year…

“I got to admit I wasn’t aware of how big the club scene in India has been growing, I’ve spoken to some friends who have played and say its insane. I love going to new places and playing to new audiences so hopefully it’ll be the first of many shows. All these new territories are amazing to go to because there’s a real passion and want to see the acts coming to perform, its new and exciting.”

Ibiza is a place close to your Mediterranean heart, you’ll be jetting in to the white isle in August for a set at Space. Why so few shows there this year, is the island losing it’s appeal to you or are you just crazy busy?

“There are a lot of  changes this year, last year I did a few shows with Tiesto at Pacha and now that’s not happening so we’ll do a few shows in Ibiza and I’ll be playing throughout Europe in July and August.”

You learnt your DJing trade in the nearby town of St Tropez in the south of France at the famed Papa Gaio club when you were still a teenager. When was the last time you were back home and what is the scene like down there?

“I go back every summer my family are all there and its very close to my heart, the scene there is very commercial but fun and St Tropez is a beautiful place to be in the summer.” 

What are the plans for Sh!tshow! This year?

“We’re gonna continue coming up with crazy ideas and maybe look to take it one step further. I’d really like to do an all ages Sh!tshow party maybe even an out doors event, I think its something the kids would really embrace.”

Who are some of the producers from around the world you are giving high fives to right now?

“As mentioned earlier, you wanna keep an eye out for CID – I’ve been hearing some good things about this kid…”

And finally, what are your thoughts on the new album from your fellow countrymen Daft Punk?

“I’m their biggest fan, I think the marketing behind the album has been insane BUT I’ve not checked the album out yet. There’s been almost too much hype so I’m super interested to hear what it’s like… judging by all the tweets and Facebook comments I’ve seen this morning there’s a lot of people that aren’t into it…I’ll check it out and make my own mind up whatever it sounds like they will always be one of my biggest influences.”