‘Music, Passion & Respect’, the career-spanning documentary from one of electronic music’s most influential and established figureheads, Cristian Varela, is out now. An in-depth chronological account of Cristian’s esteemed career, as told by a wide range of the scene’s most prominent artists, producers, promoters and journalists (and Cristian himself), this eye-opening 50-minute film created by 11:11 Filmmakers simultaneously documents the international progression of electronic music over the course of the past three decades, providing a rare insight into the evolution and development of techno since the early 1990s. We sat down with Cristian to find out more…



Hey Cristian, we’re obviously very happy to have you here! How are you?

Very well thank you! It’s also a pleasure to share these words with you guys.

Congrats on the forthcoming release of your new documentary ‘Music – Passion & Respect’. Can you tell us about this project?

The main concept behind the documentary is to inform the new generation of electronic followers about the beginnings of Techno Music in my beloved country Spain and the influence of our sound in the rest of the globe. The first events organized by my brother Luis Varela and me, the most exciting and unexpected feedbacks from my best colleagues and friends in the industry really touched my heart very deeply.

Cristian Varela: Music – Passion & Respect (Official Documentary Trailer)

Who were some of your biggest musical inspirations growing up?

My inspiration is coming from diverse musical genres between the classical music (mainly the Barroc period), composers like Handel, Bach or Vivaldi and groups like Kraftwerk, Front 242, Nitzerebb, Split Second or Depeche Mode and Aphex Twin. I had also a big influence in my symphonic compositions from actual genius like Hans Zimmer, Vangelis, James Newton Howard…crazy but a special combination!

Now I’m working in my Symphonic project.

What is it about techno that you love so much, compared to other genres of electronic music?

Mainly it’s about the energy and the experimental sounds and layers to create something special, abstract and organic. Techno it’s not just a music genre but a style of life and it’s part of the electronic roots, that’s why Techno is forever.

If you had to pick one defining moment of your career, what would it be and why?

Without any doubt the defining moment is now! After 28 years in the nightlife and music industry I can combine my passion and knowledge with all my experience in the Main Stages around the world. I feel very proud of the respect from all my colleagues and being able to create and enjoy music together with all my followers. This moment in my life is where I can also work in movie soundtracks and that ‘s very special for me.

How’s everything going with your label Black Codes Experiments? Anything in the pipeline for 2019?

Now I’m focused in UK where I have my residency in one of the most prestigious clubs in London (Studio Spaces-E1) where I’m also working as promotor with my old label Black Codes Experiments. It was created in 1999 with collabs from good friends like Regis, Mark Broom, Ken Ishii, Tensal, P.E.A.R.L, Takaaki Itoh, The Advent…and of course my new label partner and great producer Ian Axide. For the remainder of 2019 I will mainly be touring in Europe.You perform at clubs and festivals all over the world. Are there any locations that hold a particularly special place in your heart? If so why?

Japan touched my heart in my first tour in 2000 where I played for first time in the mystical Liquid Room in Tokyo with a special 4 turntables set! I also shared an incredible moment there with my brothers Marco Bailey and Q’Hey.

What are five records that never leave your box?

– Energy Flash- Joey Beltram

– The Wolf- Dave Clarke

– Basictonal Remake- Surgeon

– Step To enchantment- Jeff Mills

– Extra- Ken Ishii (Luke Slater Remix)

Finally, what can we expect from you after this documentary? Any big plans for the rest of the year?

Black Codes Experiments Tour. New album. New live show. New releases in great labels coming very soon!!