Ibiza is calling for one of the island’s main producers’ chopping it up

Interview : Dan Prince

Hey Danny welcome to DMCWORLD, where in the world are you right now?

“Hi Dan, thanks to having me. I’m working in the studio in Barcelona for few days, before flying back to Ibiza for the Space Ibiza Closing Fiesta.”

DMCWORLD are loving your new track, ‘Chopper’ that you created with Steve Wish, describe the tune to our readers…

“As we all know that EDM is getting a little bit too commercial these days thus the idea was to create something that is on the middle ground came about, so we decided to produce a track like “chopper” that we can play in our shows without going too commercial like a good DJ tool track with our underground influences.”

The world knows you as one of the residents at Space’s seminal ‘Ibiza Calling’, September is now on us, how has summer 2013 been for you and the night?

It was a great summer for me and the second year for Ibiza Calling, the truth is it is getting better every year, we had crazy nights and the entire team work really hard for the success. Honestly, I can’t wait for next summer!”

Anthem of the summer?

“Hahhaha… Tough question!  Not easy to answer this one…Well, there are few big tracks out there but I can’t think of any that is really a summer anthem like years ago. If I have to choose one, then Breach “Jack” is my choice. It’s a deep house track that it was played for every single DJ, from deep house DJs to EDM DJs.”

Who have been some of the stand out guest DJs at Ibiza Calling this summer?

“Hardwell, AN21 & Max Vangeli, Third Party, Fedde Le Grand, Danny Avila & Norman Doray to name but a few….”

When you were once asked about the first time you went to Space you said…”I didn’t understand anything, I wanted to live in the Terrace”. Can you explain to our readers just why Space is rated as the biggest club in the world?

“It’s just the perfect club in one of the most crazy Island in the world “Ibiza”. If you are into clubbing, Space Ibiza is your destination! Don’t miss Space Closing Fiesta on Sunday October 6th!”

In England during the 1970s, the number one choice for kids’ bicycles was the Chopper. Very cool! Did you have one?

“Nooo! Maybe I will buy one for next Summer!”

What is the current top 10 you are spinning

1. Danny Marquez + Steve Wish “Chopper”

2. Global Deejays “Kids”

3. David Tort & David Gausa “Dizzy” 

4. Fatboy Slim & Riva Starr “Eat Sleep Rave Repeat” (Calvin Harris Remix)

5. Nicky Romero vs Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano – Underground

6. Sick Individuals & Axwell ft Tailr Renee “I am”

7. Danny Marquez + Steve Wish “Slash”

8. Maarcos “Blaze” (Dirty South Edit)

9. Goldfish & Blink – “Here We Go Again”

10. Danny Avila “Tronco”

Away from Space in Ibiza, where have been some of your favourite gigs of the summer, Dubai and Azerbaijan must have been fun!

“Indeed Dubai and Azerbaijan has given me some unique experiences but I have to say that Zouk Singapore is one of my favorite club’s to play other than Space Ibiza!  I play there every year and still looking forward to return every year to play and to see my Zouk Family, Lincoln, Adeline, Wayne, Qh, Kristina, Byden & the rest of the crew.”

Tell us about the truck race you were part of in July…

“It was a really nice experience. All my friends from my hometown are really into the motor world. They have been racing Rally Paris-Dakar for many years already. For this year’s Baja-Aragon Race (It’s the more important off road race in Spain) one of the Co-Pilots of the truck can’t go and thus they invited me to go! It was sad because we went on the first position the entire race, then on the last day luck wasn’t on our side as our truck broke down on us… Nevertheless, it was a huge pleasure to be part of the Epsilon Team and share all weekend racing with Alex Aguirregaviria the best pilot I ever see and Daniel Planes.”

What are your favourite club nights on the island, what DJs do you love to see play at other venues?

“The truth is that this summer I didn’t have much time to go out. I went to Enter with Richie Hawtin at Space like 2 weeks ago and Departures at Ushuaia to see the Swedish guys. Two very different worlds… but both are amazing!”

What is coming out next from you studio wise?

“I have been working really hard in the studio this summer and many tracks are coming! As we speak, Steve Wish & myself just finished a track which will be coming out soon. Thereafter, my brand new collaboration with Zouk Singapore resident dj FORMATIVE, and a couple of more tracks are line up for next year 2014 so lookout for them.”

Who is the best resident DJ in Ibiza?

“CARL COX! No one can ever do it like him, after more than 10 years he’s still able to pull in 10.000 people every week! Huge Respect to him.”

I interviewed a certain big name DJ this week, something he said was kinda interesting…”I don’t think it’s necessary these days to actually be a good DJ like it was 15 years ago at the start of my career. These days you can get away with pressing play on a laptop.” Discuss…

“I don’t really agree with what he said ‘cos for me a DJ or Artist is someone who needs to understand the dancefloor, who is ever to make the crowd go wild with his presence! 15 years ago was the same, we had really big names who didn’t know how to mix, at least now with the technology they can mix seamlessly which enhance the whole experience!”

Another famous quote from producer extraordinaire Steve Mac… “It was different when I started out back in the day, there was no glamour side of travelling around the world, getting paid fortunes for gigs, it was all about the music. I think people get into it for all the wrong reasons today.” Thoughts on that?

That is quite true, but at the end only the talented ones and those who truly love what they do get the success. Many people dream to be on the top… but to get there is not that easy. Like all things in life, talent, timing, luck all plays a part!”

And finally,  Ibiza has had another memorable summer, over 10 million people have hit the island this year. What are your thoughts on your beloved island in 2013, more money is pouring in opening up new hotels, restaurants and bars…billboards are everywhere, DJ fees are hitting the 100,000 euro mark – does Ibiza still have the magic?

“Sure, Ibiza has always been a reference in the clubbing scene and with the success of the EDM, everything went in another level but the magic still there.”

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