Frederick Stone

Hi Frederick, how are you?
Hello, I’m doing great

We are digging the new release on RADIANT. Tell us bit about your relationship with the label and how you came to release with them?

I know Sabb for a little while now. And when I finished my Ep, I was looking for a good label that will give a serious push to the tracks. Radiant. was the best choice for the release.

How would you describe your sound?

My sound is a reflection of all the different genres I really like. I love flamenco for example, but I also like classical music (I am obsessed with Erick Satie) and so many other genres.
My music can be very groovy such as the release I’m doing on Radiant. now but can also be very dark and emotional.

Where do you look for inspiration before going into the studio to make music?

I always look within myself for inspiration.  past or recent experiences with music always put me on the right path to produce

Were you always musical growing up?

I was always musical and I have been producing music for a long time but I never wanted to release it. Music is the only and best way I know to express myself. It works often better than talking.

What affect did growing up in Haiti have on your sound and career?

I actually was only born there. I grew up in between Switzerland, the French Alps, and Martinique in the Caribean. Growing up in the Caribean is what really shaped my music. I wasn’t really influenced by the music in the Caribbean at the time, but by the beautiful mix of cultures, the mix of colors and exotic smells. So when I moved to Europe in 1999 I was carrying all this with me. From there I discovered electronic music and I think my music is now a reflection of the cultural fusion between my roots and my travels.

How did you come to be a Blue Marlin UAE resident?

I was already djing for the company who opened BMI in Dubai. So it really just happened by itself. It is the first place where I could really play the music I love.

What do you think of the scene in Dubai? 

Evolving. People here love their electronic music. My partners and myself created a really cool night called Disconekt. Every Wednesday,  we move around1000 people. Check us out on FB. There are many other promoters pushing good music around town. So Dubai’s market is growing and it is becoming more aware and demanding when it comes to quality of music.

Where is your favorite place to travel when you get some free time?

Anyone who knows me will agree with Japan. It is my favorite country in the entire world. I love everything about it!!

What artists would you say inspire you the most?

Erik Satie. His music is very mysterious and minimalistic,
listening to him always makes me wanna produce.

What are your top five records right now?

No electronic music in my top 5.

1. Erik Satie – Gnossienne 1
2. Bebo valdes y Cigala – Lagrimas Negras
3. Mark the Clive – All of me
4. The Internet Girl ft Kaytranada
5. Bobby Caldwell – What you won’t do for love

What do you do to unwind outside of DJing and producing?

I’m trying to build my own arcade machines

Any more exciting releases to look forward to this year?

Yes, many to come. Working on a new crazy EP which should be out in 2 months from now.

What does the future hold for Frederick Stone?

I hope good things. As long as I can make music then I’m looking forward to the future.

Frederick’s ‘Creole’ is out on 8th June on RADIANT.
Pre-order it here