Guy J

The Best Of 2012

The Tunes

Animal Trainer – Our Music (&ME Mix)

BP – Inspirado Por Usted

Guy J – Lost & Found

…all 3 have very special memories from the clubs I played

The Festival


One of my favourites, it’s a place where you can do whatever you want but everyone respects each other’s space. A lot of crazy people, but friendly

The Club

Bahrein, Argentina

I played there twice this year and both were just amazing! Argentina is very special place and the club has an amazing vibe

The Producer

Guy Gerber

He has done an amazing Fabric CD and amazing releases

The Hero

I read a book about King Solomon, a very inspiring figure, not up to date, but still worth knowing about

The Breakthrough Artist


An upcoming artist from Holland with amazing sounds and vibes in his tracks, so watch out for him for 2013

The Prediction For 2013

More melodies in house music and a blend of all genres, I think genres will lose their meaning and all will be mixed together in the future


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