DMCWORLD checks in with the Dutch dynamo as he releases his latest smash ‘Never Tired Of You’ ahead of a busy week at ADE…


 A huge welcome to DMCWORLD young man, where on this crazy disco planet are you today?

Actually at home, just came back from Jakarta and i’m preparing for ADE at the moment. Finishing tracks, editing mashups etc. So still working!

The best piece of new music you have discovered recently…?

I can’t really choose! I’m discovering music almost every hour of the day so there’s so much to choose from.
I just enjoy every kind of passion that’s put in music.

A huge week for you as you release your new track ‘Never Tired Of You’…please talk us through the sound and history of the track…

I always love to make melodic music, never tired of you was actually only the melody first and I got in contact with Steven from STMPD Records, about maybe getting a matching vocal on the track. We both really thought it would give the track an extra boost. I got in contact with The Companions and they came up with this vocal. It fitted the track perfectly and I knew the moment when i put the vocal on the track this was going to be a great record!

So it’s that time again, ADE!!!! One of the shows you will be appearing at is the Martin Garrix All Ages event on 20 October. Tell us about this ingenious party…

It’s one of the best party’s every year. Introducing these kids to electronic music and also to the festivals/clubbing scene is amazing. They can hear all the music on the radio and spotify but they can’t have the experience we are having when we go to a festival. I remember I made EDM before I went to a festival and I would’ve loved to visit a festival back then!

What have been some of your highlights of ADE over the years?

My own party! Julian Jordan & friends, is always a highlight of my ADE. Always some really special guests popping by and amazing DJs on the line up. It’s like one big family every year!

ADE seems to expand, improve and become more important every year. Why do you think this is the most important week on the electronic music calender every year?

Because Amsterdam is such a small city and everyone is just walking around! All the big DJ super stars are here and just walking around.  I think it’s super inspiring for young starting producers/DJs, and gives motivation to work hard!

You will also be part of the ADE Panel ‘Lookin’ Good: Cover Art as Identifier and Differentiator’…a discussion about the close relation between music and artwork/visuals which is as powerful as ever in the streaming era. How important to you is getting hands on with the whole visual side of things, or is something you see when it is all finished and ready to go?

I think it’s not only about the music anymore and Some people see that as a problem but i think it’s great! I just want the whole picture to be amazing, not only the track but also the artwork and promo! I like to think about the bigger picture and really create an concept for myself.

What are the big 3 tunes in your box this weekend…

Of course my own track ‘Never Tired Of You’, but also Blinders – ‘Leaving’. I really like Blinders, his recent stuff works great in the clubs and he really got his own sound! And a special new track with Seth Hills I’m working on!

Your favourite DJ gig of the summer and why…

Pffff I had so many, still recovering from this tour and I had so many amazing shows. But if I have to choose I’ll say Riverside in Canada! I was so surprised by that crowd and the amazing city of Ottowa, the view was amazing.

Tune of the summer?

Fischer – Losing It.

Rising star of 2018?

Seth Hills.

And finally, what are some of the projects already being talked about for 2019 in Julian Jordan world…?

A new huge collab with Martin Garrix.

Also a great collab with Seth Hills.

And a lot of new fresh and big Julian Jordan music!!