Vienna in the house with two of the coolest people the dancefloor will ever meet


Interview by Dan Prince

Mel, Clem welcome to DMCWORLD…where in the world are you today

In Vienna, we just arrived from a week in the studio in Berlin. Keep your ears open DMC!

What is the best piece of new music you have heard today?

A new remix we did today. Unfortunately we cannot tell more just yet.

Loads of music to talk about, but first let’s rewind for a moment. Some bands form at school, others meet in a club, some just fall into it. MÖWE however was born down to boredom and the cold in your home city. What is the story here?!?!

Well we have to put this into the right light. We also started both at indie rock bands, where we also met. In the winter holidays whn it´s cold and a lot of snow outside in Vienna, we decided to create something new. As we were freezing we wanted to beam us back to the summer time, we started to produce happy music. Luckily those tracks not only brought back the good, easy summer vibes to us but also to a lot of great fans.

Mel – the cheeky, tattooed rebel as you are known. As you said, you were a member of many indie rock bands before MÖWE, what made you move towards the more electronic sound eventually?

Actually it started out of curiosity. After six years of doing indie rock I wanted to dive into new sounds. And that´s where I feel home now.

And Clemens…your press people call you “a little heartbreaker” and was also more interested in the bass guitar than bass of the dancefloor. What prompted your shift to more of a pleasurable sound?

I also listened to electronic music generally. Also I added a more electronic sound into the music of “Mary lost her Pathos”, our band at that time. So for me the transformation was not that big!

You hail from one of the most beautiful cities in the world Vienna. What is the club scene like there at the moment, who are some of the producers making waves?

There are a lot of great clubs in Vienna like Grelle Forelle, Sass, Flex and Pratersauna – who recently just closed but will open up soon with an even greater concept as we have heard. Finally Vienna is turning again into the electronic capital city which it was in the past with Kruder& Dorfmeister etc. Of course it was a complete different style of electronic music. There is happening a lot here right now, and some of the actual great producers are even our neighbors.

Your latest single ‘Lovers Friends’ has been all over Radio 538 in the Netherlands of late. Talk us through the track…

It´s a tropical house summer track with the lovely voice of Daniel Nitt. Lovers and friends is the main theme, so we hope you enjoy the track with your beloved ones. We get amazing feedback for the track and it´s so great to hear love stories from all over the world from our amazing MOEWIE´.

To accompany the release you launched your very own Love Calculator where lovers/friends/strangers can put their names into your machine and see what percentage of love compatibility they have. I have been married 4 years and I did not tell me wife my results for us, it was shit! What were your results like?

Haha! We scored 100 % Friends! But we will reveal you a secret trick. You can try again as many times you want and the result might change. No one should take the results too serious, as we just wanted to launch a fun tool for all lovers and friends out there.

What is coming out next studio wise?

Currently we are working on our album, expect many songs in the near future.

What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made in your life and how did you overcome it?

There are no mistakes, only experiences.

Which famous person would you most like to see play you in a film?

Clem: Mark Wahlberg!!

Mel: Whoopie Goldberg or Queen Latifah…

The band name translates to seagull in English, you were thinking of a name to do with the sea…what other names did you think of? Deckchair?

MÖWE means freedom and sea to us – it felt right. But actually we like your suggestion of Deckchair. If we start a new project that will be on top of the list Dan!

What’s the biggest risk you’ve ever taken?

We are not very prepared to take risks...hahaha…

What accomplishment in your life are you most proud of?

To play all over the world for our amazing fans.

You just took part in an Armada writing camp…how much work gets done at these days and what did you come away with?

It was amazing as we met a lot of great and talented new people from different countries. The whole vibe there was very inspiring and we came home with many new tracks.

Tell us about some of the big live shows coming up?

We just introduced our complete live show in Vienna with drummer, saxophone, vocalists and of course us playing live instruments like bass guitar, piano and singing as well.

And finally gotta ask, what do your old indie band members think of your new music?

They are very happy for us, but it´s not 100 % their music! We doubt if they would listen to it privately!