Noisily Festival of Music & Arts is on the horizon, and as the days are getting longer and summer draws ever nearer, the much loved cultural gathering reveals more of its world class headliners featuring a cutting edge cross section of names from the worlds of underground house, Dub, Bass, Disco, Techno, Psy Trance and plenty in between. We check in with owner and programmer Charles Audley…


Since the first Noisily festival in 2012, how have you expanded on the core pillars that the festival is built around? 

Whilst the team at Noisily have shared an aligned set of values since our inaugural event, the core pillars and ethos (on our website) have been developing as the festival family has grown, and as we have all grown as individuals with a heightened awareness for the issues facing the world.

Which artists on the line-up this year, do you feel represents the Noisily musical identity the most?

The musical programming at Noisily is incredibly diverse, and it is that diversity which represents the Noisily identity, not one artist in particular. As a result of the programming there is a such a broad collective of people contained in a beautifully intimate environment, representing all the sub genres of Electronic music. There are certainly artists who encapsulate the identity of each of the stages, and for the three main stages (we are yet to release the satellite line up) I would say: The Noisily Stage – Extrawelt. The Liquid Stage – Headroom. The Treehouse Stage – Opiuo.

What are the most significant additions to the festival this year ?

The Nook, our all new stage tucked away in the woods between The Liquid and Treehouse Stages, it’s being completely landscaped to create a seriously epic home for downtempo, desert, cowboy and shamanic Techno.

Are festival attendees in keeping with the atmosphere of the environmentally friendly mindset?

Absolutely. In a recent survey over 30% of our crowd chose our environmental ethos as their primary reason for coming to the festival, over music, art and healing. The festival site is notoriously spotless, and this year we are introducing site wide recycling and waste sorting stations for our guests, after they requested them!

What separates Noisily from the other festivals?

Noisily is the leading transformational festival in the UK giving equal footing to music, art and healing. There is no other event in the UK which does this, and in such an intimate and stunning setting. I could go on, but obviously I’d be biased. The best thing to do would be to ask someone who came to Noisily 2018, and also look at our Christmas survey which asked over 500 attendees from 2018 if they’d recommend coming to their friends. 100% said yes, without exception.

What can attendees expect from the decorative aspects of Noisily this year?

To have their minds blown, simple as. There’s way too much to write about, you just have to see it for yourself.

What’s the most important focus point for the team when brainstorming the first plans and ideas of the festival each year?

Expressing our gratitude to everyone involved for making the event so special, then getting feedback from everyone involved as to what they think worked well, and where we can improve the event for next year. Then the music, because putting that shopping list together is always fun!

How would you describe the ethos of Noisily 2019 in one sentence?

We have an amazing, receptive and intelligent community of people who we aim to mobilise through transformational experience and creative expression. By inspiring personal growth and social responsibility via the medium of art, music and healing, we hope to empower the individual to affect real positive change in the world.

That was two sentences…

What are the artistic themes of the festival?

In 2019, Human Connection is the theme of our healing area, and we have asked artists across the festival to keep this in mind. That and making everything from recycled and reclaimed materials, as we request every year where possible.


Noisily Festival of Music & Arts

11-14th July 2019

Noseley Hall (LE7 9EH.) Leicestershire

Tickets £145-£175 at