Oxen Butcher

UK Producer and all round lovely guy Oxen Butcher has been releasing his distinctive blend of melodic pop dance with worldwide success and real global appeal over the last fews years. His music has a gorgeous tropical chill vibe that manages to hit the soul and press the emotion button everytime. His new single does just that. He remakes the The Knife classic, whilst also drawing influence from the now-famous cover by Jose Gonzalez. DMCWORLD checks in…


Hi Mr Butcher! Thanks for speaking to us today. What have you been up to lately?

Not a problem, nice to chat to you. To be honest I have been mainly recovering and catching up from ADE!

Your new single ‘Heartbeat’ features Syon and is just about to be released. For those yet to press play on the release, how would you describe the track?

The original mix is pretty laidback and chilled, taking a lot of influence from the Jose Gonzalez cover. The club mix is completely different with a deep house vibe, driving saw synth lead. It was fun to take Syon’s vocal and make two very different versions.

What made you do a new version of this great song?

It’s been on my wish list for a while now. It actually came up in a brain storming session with my buddy Jack Wins. I have always liked doing bootlegs and Heatbeats was born from that, the more off beat and weird the better. It gives you a different way to express yourself as a producer and maybe switch the tempo up and do something slower like ‘Heartbeats’ which is 89bpm.

This is not the first time you have worked with Syon. What are you looking for when working with other artists?

Correct, we actually have several more tracks in the oven. Syon has a such a beautiful voice, I can’t praise him enough. I always look for how easy going an artist is and just look for nice people, this industry is full of so many crap talking people.

What is the best piece of new music you have heard this week?

Whoa that’s tough, nothing extremely new tbh. There is a really nice remix by ‘Arts of Tones’ on ARLE x L’tric’ track ‘Feel It’…

Feel It (Art Of Tones Modern Disco Mix)

RUFUS – ‘Sundream’ is a lovely track…

RÜFÜS DU SOL - Sundream

Less dance orientated I’m loving Jacob Banks – ‘Unknown’…

Jacob Banks - Unknown | Mahogany Session

I think I listen to SYML – ‘Girl’ and ‘Where’s My Love’ every day…

SYML - "Girl (Acoustic)" [Official Audio]

SYML - Where's My Love (Acoustic Version) [Official Video]

Could you give one production tip that you use on all of your tracks?

Loving the output plugin movement, and I have started using Loopcloud for all my samples. Nearly ever channel in my projects have kickstart on them being used to some degree.

What would you being doing if you didn’t do music?

Building website probably, as I still love coding.

Before you leave us, what’s the next Oxen Butcher musical prodiction for 2019? What’s going to be big next year?

Working on a couple more tracks with Syon, which hopefully should be a nice follow up to ‘Good To My Soul’. Also working on a new interesting cover, plus on the hunt for new people to work with.
What’s going to be big next year?! looks like K Pop is coming

Oxen Butcher feat. Syon is OUT NOW on Disco:Wax

Grab it here: https://open.spotify.com/track/14ruEvKJqbhon9gLW7USXJ?si=p8epG6OvQeibvkU7-RR2tQ